Wood Angel – Erin Bow.

Just a word about my review process… I didn’t want to have to write paragraph after paragraph about the books I read because
1) I don’t have the time and you probably don’t want to read me going on about syntax and metaphors* and whatnot.
2) I wanted to create a site where we can honestly talk about YA fiction and have fun with it.
3) I like putting things into categories.

So basically I’ve come up with some categories/subtitles/whatever that cover my main thoughts of the books I read so you can read them at a glance without being bombarded with discussion of metaphors and syntax.**
Anyway.. I hope it’s pretty self-explanatory so I will stop rabbitting on and just get on with my review.

I mentioned a couple of posts back how the title of Mrs Bow’s books is different in the UK and how I thought it was weird because it didn’t have any relevance to the story.
Well, I made that judgement before I read the book.
But I’ve read it now and still think ‘Wood Angel’ is a crappy title… please stick with ‘Plain Kate’ next time!

Initial final page thoughts.
OMG. Emotionally drained.

High point
The thought that went into the background of the Linay’s spells. Creepy creepy. I also really loved the simple language Bow used because it reminded me of an old-school Grimm fairytale, which is always a good thing.

Low point.
Needed more Taggle and also, I would have liked it to be a bit longer and for a tiny bit more depth to be added to the story and Kate’s (and Drina/The Roamers) background.

In the running for the ‘Katniss Everdeen Award for Kick Ass Heroines’. Plain Kate is seriously awesome; such a refreshing change from some of these whiny ladies who whimper over the fact they can’t choose which boy to be in love with. Seriously… I’ll have an angst-ridden love triangle over poor Kate’s life any day, but she holds herself with dignity and just gets on with it. And she is a great friend… to Taggle.  OK I love Tagge, so sue me.

Theme tune.

There could only be one, right?

Supporting Role.
The BESTEST of friend in the form of Taggle, the cat who I imagined with the voice of Stephen Fry. Also,kudos have to go to Drina, who provided a caravan, hair braiding and the occasional protection against murderous ghosties.

Love interest.
N/A. But gosh, I think a tragic love affair would have wrung out my emotions even more!

Angst scale.
8/10. It is a very harrowing book and has a lot of dark subject matter that is described in such a subtle way that it really creeps over your skin. Also, props to Plain Kate for dealing with all the crap she has thrown at her in a very calm and collected way and for not going running into the forest wielding her carving knife. Which may or may not be what I would have done.***

Recommended for.
People who are sick of paranormal love stories (although there IS a vampy-undertone, but it didn’t make me feel ill, so it doesn’t count!), people who like their heroines with a bit of meat on their metaphorical character bones, people who like fairy stories and magical goings on, people who appreciate simple yet effective writing, people who have a fondness for talking cats.

*If I wrote longer reviews they would probably wholly consist of me talking about why I have developed a soul-consuming crush on a fictional character (who may or may not be underaged)… and no one wants that.
**Seriously, even in Uni I think I mentioned metaphors and syntax about once in all the gabillion essays I wrote.
***I would totally have done that and I feel there would have been more whimpering.

One thought on “Wood Angel – Erin Bow.

  1. I made a note at the end of my review – I do love Chicken House but the cover and title do not relate to the book at all, except the wood 'wood'. I actually thought it would be about fairies when I looked a the cover!

    ComaCalm's Corner

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