Please Ignore Vera Dietz- A.S King.

Initial Final Page Thoughts.
Ahhh. Everything is going to be OK.

High point.
OK, I tried to just pick one, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one in this case. I LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS BOOK. But anyway- Vera Dietz, one of the most realistic (and likeable) heroines I have ever read, such a compelling story, AS Kings’ writing is just ridiculously engaging and I honestly couldn’t put it down, well-thought out characters (even the secondary ones), BEST DAD EVER, heart-breakingly honest, FLOW CHARTS and finally, I loved how it was told from different perspectives (even inanimate buildings!)

Low Point.

I feel I need to create a new award for Ms Dietz. The Vera Dietz Soul Sister Prize. She is just so awesome and fiesty and real and honest and perfect and I like to think that we would be friends if we went to the same high school. We would eat Big Macs (and she could have all my pickles because I don’t like them!) and bitch about the bitchy bitch slag that is Jenny Flick. Seriously, why can’t all heroines be like this? SORT IT, AUTHORS.

Love Interest.
Oh Charlie Khan. You weird one. You treat my soul sister like crap but I’m still rooting for you to get together with her. And then I remember you’re dead and my heart is broken and it’s not pretty. Thank you, AS King. You write the cutest scenes ever and make me wish I had had a sort of mentally unstable lovecrush when I was 16 who encouraged me to eat napkins and throw paper aeroplanes and then after a few of heart-fluttering moments be like ‘Mmm.. yeah, CK is dead and this lovely thing between him and Vera? Yeah, it’s not happening. Nor will it EVER.’ Gutpunch.

Ugh, Jenny Flick. I went to an all girls school so I knew lots of people like her (not to the same mental state as JF, but definitely the same needless maliciousness that only teenage girls know how to execute to make people’s lives hell). The combination of Jenny Flick and Vera just shows how perfectly AS King understands teenagers, especially girls. Even though I hate hate hate her, she is a great character.

Angst Scale.
6/10. Even though death is one of the major subject of the book, it is not what it is all about. Vera isn’t sure how she feels about Charlie’s death because she wasn’t sure how she felt about Charlie. I have given it a relatively low score on the angst scale because Vera is very mature and downplays the grief that is bubbling below the surface. Really effective. Also, the relationship between Vera and her Dad is just perfect, especially because we get a few chapters from his perspective. Jenny Flick may cause angst… but she’s a bitch and isn’t even worth bothering over.

Recommended for.
EVERYONE. People who like interesting and complex stories. People who want to read books that are set in the now. People who like convincing teen speak and not all ‘LOL’ and ‘LMAO’. People who love strong female mcs. People who like books that aren’t all about romance and lurrrve. Or if you are… realistic love that reminds you of summer days sitting with friends when you’re supposed to be doing a million different things. People who like Big Macs…and pizza.

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