Under the Mesquite- Guadalupe Garcia McCall.

Synopsis from Goodreads.
When Lupita sees Mami crying over a pesky mesquite growing in her rose garden, she knows something is wrong. Through the kitchen window, she overhears that Mami has cancer. After an operation, things seem to return to normal for Lupita and her family, and they go on with their lives, going back and forth between attending school, working, and living in the United States and visiting family and friends in Mexico. However, when Mami’s cancer returns, Papi doesn’t know whether he should accompany Mami during her long convalescence at an out of town cancer clinic or stay home to care for Lupita and her seven brothers and sisters. Suddenly, being a high school student, dealing with difficult friends, starring in the school play, even writing, become less important to Lupita than doing whatever it takes to save Mami’s life.

“Someday my words will
take flight and claim the sky.”

This is such beautiful little book.
That is why this review is not going to be like my others because it would take you less time to just read this book than it would be to read my full review.
So this is the Theatrical Cut.
I could go on and on about how gorgeous Ms Garcia McCall’s writing is and how she seamlessly flits between Spanish and English words and explores two completely different cultures and the issues that come with being uprooted and how perfectly she captures and portrays the emotions that come hand-in-hand with illness in a close, loving family and pain and sadness and hope and about growing up and letting go and looking to the future without forgetting the past and the journey you must go on and maternal love and…. and…. and…..

You know what? Just read it and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I received a copy of this from the publishers.

4 thoughts on “Under the Mesquite- Guadalupe Garcia McCall.

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