Anne of Avonlea- L.M. Montgomery

Synopsis from Goodreads.

Avonlea is the prettiest little town on Prince Edward Island, which is the prettiest little island in all of Canada. Anne had come here as an orphan—a skinny redhead showing up on the steps of Green Gables with a shabby suitcase and a heart full of dreams.

Anne’s dream of finding a home had come true. But now she is a young woman, with new dreams, She has a teaching job in the city, with a chance to become a published magazine writer.

And an even greater adventure awaits: Anne is about to begin her first romance—with a handsome Boston millionaire whose dreams are very different from hers….

Anne of Avonlea continues the story that began in Anne of Green gables. These beloved classics are among the most popular novels ever written; they have made their author, L.M. Montgomery, a legend in Canada and around the world.

“Don’t you know that it is only very foolish folk who talk sense all the time?”

Another Series of Letters.

A woman picked a leaf out of my hair on the bus today (true story… it’s very windy and I don’t brush my hair there are a lot of trees near me). Also, I’m pretty sure One Direction (and their fan girls) were on the same bus this morning. (Brits… you’ll understand my pain. Everyone else, you don’t want to know…I promise you.)
Also, the postman didn’t knock on the door and just shoved one of those ‘SORRY YOU WEREN’T IN’ things through my letter box.
That would not be tolerated on Prince Edward Island.
You’re making my decision to move all the more easier.
Yours faithfully,
Miss Williams.


Dear L.M,
Re: Moving into your mind.
Did you get my previous letters? Have you had chance to think about me moving into your mind? Only I have a few friends who would probably be quite interested too.
We won’t make much noise, we’ll take off our shoes before entering and we’ll always use a coaster.
Please think about it!
Kind Regards,
J. Williams.


Dearest Anne,
I fear I must apologise for laughing so heartily at the firecracker incident. I promise I was laughing with you and not at you.
I hope my honesty and my apology will still allow me to be your kindred spirit.
Lots of love,

P.S. Re: Gilbert. ANNE. You have no idea how much I wanted to strangle you with that descending veil of yours at the end.


Dear Gilbert,
Sigh. If only you were real your heart didn’t beat in time with another’s.

Yours Truly,


Miss L- They say life starts at 40….. And I’m sure the handsome prince will help. ;-)  –J.W


Stay away from Davy, I don’t want your innocent and sweet mind messed up by him. He is obviously up to no good and only naughty people will be silly enough to play with him.
Best wishes,


Davy- Meet me in Dora’s room. I’ve got those toads you asked for- J.


Sometimes I write letters to fictional characters. One day they will reply. 

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