New Blog || New Look.

So… do you notice anything…. different about me?

No, the muffin crumbs in my hair are always there.

*looks pointedly at surroundings*


Nothing at all?

*twirls around*

Could it be that I have a brand new, shiny, shiny blog?


*throws glitter and sets off a few party poppers*

Yes, for my birthday my wonderful sister decided that she was going to make me a new blog with a brand new look and theme. So I had a teary goodbye to Blogger and sashayed over to WordPress in my effort to become a more professional, high-brow, sophisticated and respected Young Adult book reviewer.






Ha, I’m totally kidding…
That will NEVER happen.
And you wouldn’t want me any other way, would you? ;)

I’m still finding my WordPress feet so please bear with me if I’m a bit slow on the posting front, but I assure you in the next few days  it will start looking a bit more like the Wear the Old Coat you’re accustomed to, just fancier and with free champagne for every reader*.
I will be starting a few new features that I have been absolutely desperate to get started on and, of course, I’ll be posting lots and lots of exciting reviews for your perusal.

So what do you think of the new ‘do?
Do you approve?






*There will be no champagne. That was a  complete lie.  

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