Review x 2 : Feeling Sorry For Celia & Finding Cassie Crazy – Jaclyn Moriarty.

Feeling Sorry for Celia [Goodreads]  ||  Finding Cassie Crazy [Goodreads]

Sometimes I read the newspaper because I am fancy.*
And sometimes, in fancypants newspapers, fancypants book reviewers review moe than one book in the same review.
(They do, don’t they?)
So that’s what I’m doing today because I am fancypants.**

My reading of Feeling Sorry for Celia and Finding Cassie Crazy have a story behind them and it starts with Flannery from The Readventurer (doesn’t it always?). I first read the Flannery’s brilliant review of Finding Cassie Crazy on Goodreads and I was excited because it sounded like something I would adore.

Secret Assignments?

So I decided to buy it with some of the money I was given for my birthday but when I went on Goodreads to update my shelves DISASTER struck because I realised FCC was the second book in the series.
So I sent Flannery an e-mail where I flailed electronically for a moment and she was like “Dude, will you calm down you? It doesn’t matter, just read FCC, they don’t lead on. Jeez, are you always this much of a loser? Why are we even friends?”
But I have this thing where I can’t read books out of series so I went and bought Feeling Sorry for Celia and all was right with the world once more.

Sorry, that was the most boring story in the entire world, but you read it all so it’s your own fault.
The reviews, Jo?! Where are the reviews?! I can hear your yells.

Here they are:

Feeling Sorry for Celia is an incredibly funny book that is told through a series of letters between Elizabeth (the main character) and lots of different people but, in particular, a girl called Christina who attends a rival high school.
I absolutely loved how this book was set out but I’ve always loved books that are told in strange ways. I was a bit worried, though, because sometimes I find that a lot of detail/plot gets left out in epistolary fiction but this wasn’t the case at all. Through letters from ‘The Association of Teenagers’, ‘The Society of Beautiful People’ and, my favourite, ‘The Secret and Mysterious Association of all things Secret and Mysterious’, I really fell in love with not only the actual story but Elizabeth.
Elizabeth and Christina stole the show for me…and when I say show I really mean the book. I just loved their conversation and their humour and how they helped each other through difficult times. It makes me sad that a book about friendship between girls is classed as ‘refreshing’ because when I was sixteen the most important thing in my life were my best friends.
Too often young adult books get swamped down with pithy love stories and the token ‘best friend’ (who, actually, is a shoddy friend if you think about it) gets shoved into a corner. But Ms Moriarty knows how to portray teenage friendship so well that these girls became my friends too.

But seeing as we’re talking about boys… OH, this book was so cute. I don’t want to say much about it because it’s a secret but Flannery warned me that this book was a bit light on the romance and if I wanted kissing and lots of boys I should wait for FCC.
So even though the main focus was on Elizabeth and Christina and their friendship, the love-side of things was definitely appreciated and was the added sprinkles on the top of an already delicious and incredibly fattening ice cream sundae.

Jo’s Official Rating.
If this book was a person, I would send them a letter with an orange Smartie taped to the bottom of them. Because they taste the bestest.

As soon as I finished the FSFC, I picked up Finding Cassie Crazy.
There is a completely different feel to this book. It’s still hilarious and it’s still incredibly sweet but it seemed, to me anyway, a lot sadder. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything but Cassie’s story really affected me and I got so angry on her behalf. I became oddly protective of her and I just wanted to punch wildly at things when everything was revealed.

Does anyone else think that Ms Moriarty should write young adult mystery books? I absolutely love mystery stories and I like to think of myself as a detective that I’m pretty clever when it comes to working them out but this one really kept me guessing all the way through. I would be first in line to read those books if they were to exist.

As in FSFC, the girls (Lydia, Em and Cassie) were absolutely brilliant. They each had their own distinct personalities and they gelled so well. My favourite was Em because I am also neurotic, a bit mental and occasionally use the wrong word when I talk. But Lydia and Cassie were just as fantastic. I would love to part of their gang. These girls look after each other and it’s so wonderful to read.

And the boys.
Oh Charlie, I would like you to Kiss This Girl. *points to myself*
And Seb, let’s go on adventures.

I have been told by the wonderful Reynje, that I had to include the e-mail that I sent her while I was reading this.
I have censored it for my potty mouth.

Re: MD
WHO ARE YOU!?!?!??!?!
Five minutes later.

Re: MD
A [blank]ing [blank]head that’s who.
My poor heart

The only problem I had with this book was right, right at the end in the court. It just seemed a bit….meh.
But other than that….

Jo’s Official Rating.
If the first half of this book was a person, I would send them a letter with (um.. this analogy isn’t going to work but I’ve already committed) an orange matchmaker taped to the bottom of it. Because they are my favourite.
If the last few chapters of this book were a person, I would send them a letter with a lime Wine Gum taped to it. Because I’m not that fussed about them.

So, there you go, my attempt at being a fancypants reviewer.
With added sugary goodness.
Even though these books are fun, I don’t want to describe them as ‘fun books’ because I feel that has a negative connotation in the same vein as ‘fluffy books’ and ‘chick lit’ do.
These books are so much more than that and I urge you to give them a try.
Plus they are about as fun as puppies.
Playful ones.
* Mostly the Metro when someone has left a copy of it on my bus/train seat. I mostly flick straight to the horoscopes because they are uncannily accurate.
**May or may not be fancypants. May just be lazy.

16 thoughts on “Review x 2 : Feeling Sorry For Celia & Finding Cassie Crazy – Jaclyn Moriarty.

  1. Jo, have I ever told you how much I love your reviews. They always make me smile. I think I’ll order these two after saving up (have just been on a big buying binge)

    I know what you mean. When I was 16, best friends were the world to me. And when we had our tiffs, it really felt like the world was ending.
    fun times. hehehe.
    So I would love a story that is really strong on friendship.

    So thank you for the fancypants review and sugar goodness ;)

  2. *goes to garage* *finds ladder* *adds these to TBR pile*
    Wait, these have different US names right? I wonder if there are story changes too? I hate when that happens (well, most of the time).

    Great reviews as always! –Noelle

    • YES.
      Noelle, mate, you’d be all over these books like a rash!
      Um… the second book is called The Year of Secret Assignments I think. Because there was a ruling that America was definitely less cool than Australia and the UK and therefore had to have a different name… for legal reasons.
      Not sure about the story though. I hope it’s the same!

  3. Orange Smartie? #*@$ There’s a green M&M in the US version! Not that there’s anything wrong with M&Ms, mind you, but we have Smarties too! Why the change?

    I’m so curious about what you’ll think of Bindy Mackenzie because the mystery portion is amped up, but so are the draggy bits in my opinion.

    And you are SO fancypants!

    • Oh no, it is a green M&M in the book (I think, it’s definitely an M&M) I was just saying that’s what I’d give it. Because I love orange Smarties more than M&Ms.
      And that concludes today’s ‘Jo talks about her favourite sweets in a ridiculously boring way’ portion of this programme.
      I will be eventually reading Bindy Mackenzie but I’m not in an immediate rush for I have no pennies. :(

      Thanks Maggie, so are YOU.

  4. Dude, you are going to love her latest book – the writing was so absolutely gorgeous. I need to get it so I can scribble in and then sleep with it because that’s what I do since I’m cool like that. *cheese* Oh and she seems to be writing a fantasy series. Kingdom of Cello something. Or a historical? Either ways, it’ll be awesomesauce.

    • Oooh, that does sound good!
      Hahaha, I love that. I adore reading beautiful books but I end up getting cramp in my hand as I try and write down every single quote!
      Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll be keeping my eye out!

  5. I love all of Jaclyn Moriarty books so much! Have you read her others? There’s two more in the series after these ones (The Betrayal of Bindy Mackenzie and Dreaming of Amelia) plus then there’s the most amazing random stand alone book ever called The Spellbook of Listen Taylor! LOVE THEM ALL! P.S. Your reviews are awesome :)

    • Thanks Tash! No I haven’t read her others actually. Just these two. I think my library has Dreaming of Amelia though so I may read it soon. I’ll definitely check out The Spellbook of Listen Taylor though! :-D

  6. I’m so glad you’ve started this series, Jo and I loved your double review (I reviewed all 4 books in the same post, I am extra fancypansty!)

    I think Jaclyn should definitely write more books, including mystery books, lets start a petition!

    I hope you enjoy the next two books as well ;)

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