Mackee’s Music.

The other day I got a parcel. Now, as any other book addict who buys more books than they’ve had hot meals knows, this isn’t news. I could probably tell you the name of my postman’s children I see him so often.
But this was a special parcel and it was a parcel that contain two things:

The First.

A signed copy of The Gorgon in the Gully by Melina Marchetta.
I have wanted this for sooo long, you have no idea. I was pleased as punch.

The Second.

Wait… OK, I’m going to need to explain this one. To me reading and writing go hand in hand with music. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. The ridiculously brilliant Noelle and Maggie over at Young Adult Anonymous have lots and lots and lots of posts where they do this and you should definitely check out Catie at The Readventurer’s reviews because she picks a ‘Perfect Musical Pairing’ for each book she reads and they are always spot on.
So, I love finding out what my favourite authors listen to when they write my favourite books.  I am also hopelessly in love with Thomas Mackee, too.
Bearing that information in mind, I probably don’t need to tell you the sound that came out of me when I found this within the parcel.

Yes, that is the soundtrack for The Piper’s Son, possibly my favourite of Double M’s books [Though don’t tell Froi], with the songs that Ms Marchetta listened to while she was writing it.
I took that picture on my phone and it’s not the best quality but I’ve created the playlist on Grooveshark and you can stop, look and listen here.

The track listing.

1) Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors by Editors

2) Samson by Regina Spektor.

“Tom becomes a closet fan and listens to it secretly in his attic. He wonders if it’s the type of stuff Tara would have written if she had to write music about their relationship.” [p.102]

3) How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly.

“Once when Joe was at uni, he ended up in the lockup at Stanmore police station because he and his dickhead friends got drunk and stole a street sign. So he rings your father and he starts making up the lyrics to Paul Kelley’s ‘How to Make Gravy’


“He taught me the chords to that song, you know,” Tom says. “ ‘It’s a love story, Tommy,’ he told me. ‘It’s a love story between Dan and Joe and every member of their family.’” [p.101]

4) Here if You Want it by The Waifs

“She picks a Waifs song- a good one for learning because it’s just one or two chords and it’s slow.
I can hazard a guess, but I’ll never know
Why you put these walls up, I can’t get through
It’s as though you want to be lonely and blue.”

Francesca Spinelli’s voice can do anything, and singing alongside her always made Tom sound better than he was.” [p.50]

5) London Still by The Waifs.
6) The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice.
7) Flame Trees by Cold Chisel.
8) Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars.
9) One Crowded Hour by Augie March.
10) Flame Trees by Sarah Blasko
11) Better Days by Pete Murray.
[FYI: The cover of the Australian version of TPS features Pete Murray as the model]

12) Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. 
13) Not Pretty Enough by Kasey Chambers.
14) Crazy Train by The Waifs
15) Opportunity by Pete Murray.

In my review for The Piper’s Son, I picked an entire album for Tom and the gang. Urban Hymns by The Verve is in my list of Jo’s Top Ten Albums of All Time© so it’s only natural that I would end up associating it with The Piper’s Son which is in my Jo’s Top Ten Books of All Time©.
So here’s my contribution to Mackee’s Music.

Lucky Man by The Verve.

I reckon Tom would approve… and then realise we’re meant to be lovers and move to Manchester.

Do you associate music with books? Are there any songs you feel should be added to Mackee’s Music?


23 thoughts on “Mackee’s Music.

  1. *high-pitched fangirl squeal that only dogs can hear*
    *hides under table from local hounds that frequent park across the road*
    I AM VERY JEALOUS. Just in case you couldn’t work that one out x

  2. Did you hear my “EEEEEEEEEEE!” from across the pond? Because EEEEEEEEE! Melina Marchetta just proves herself again and again. And I can’t think of a more deserving recipient! Thanks for sharing the goodies. I’m going to take Tom and Grooveshark with me to bed now since it’s 5am. But eeeeeeeee! :)

    • Oh Maggie, you’re too lovely. STOP BEING SO LOVELY. :)
      You’re entirely welcome, that sounds like the perfect morning. :D

      But you have to keep your hands to yourself. Mackee’s mine. MINE ALL MINE.

  3. Ah! Jo! This is CRAZY!

    I am sososososososso jealous, wow. And I’m in awe as you now have my two favourite things: MM and music! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Wow! That is so exciting! I borrowed Gorgon from a friend ages ago but I still need to read it:) Point of contention: My boo Paul Simon doesn’t sing Solsbury Hill–Peter Gabriel does. One time, Aileen’s ex-boyfriend (he’s from near Bournemouth) took her to see PG at Wembley and a bunch of his friends came. She was so, so excited and got them all excited too, though they didn’t know too much about him. So they stood out in the rain for the entire festival day in the pouring rain. PG got up on stage…and then only sang his new mediation-type music. Her bf’s friends were like, “Um, WTF is this?” He only sang In Your Eyes in the encore. ONE regular song. /random story.

  5. WOOHOO! This is such a lovely package, Jo. I have a feeling you’d thoroughly enjoy reading Gorgon – loved the snippets that included Jonah in it. And I love the Piper-Jellicoe soundtrack included here. I looked up some of the songs when I saw MM mention those in an interview and I’m glad I was more familiar with them when I recently reread Piper. My favorite in that soundtrack is Regina Spektor’s Samson. :)

  6. MM is the best!

    Thank you for sharing that…(looking at iTunes to buy all these songs…)

    I read the first two chapters of TPS yesterday at work because surprise, there are only a dozen or so people that visit a library on Easter Sunday.

    I love that book so much…so poetic.

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