Under the Covers # 2: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.

Under the Covers is a feature where I discuss the stories behind the books on my shelves. Why? I hear you ask. Well, why not? Every book has a story, after all.

Hear that? That, my dear reader, is The Klaxon.
No, no… not The Klaxons (although what happened to them?!)
It’s The Ness Klaxon.

And I am officially sounding it. Not because I want every Patrick Ness fan all across the world to come flocking to my blog (although that would be the best party EVER), but it’s more of a warning, because anyone who knows me will know how I get when Ness and his words are mentioned.
Words like ‘crazed’ and ‘rabid’ have been thrown around…


Alright, where were we?
Of course, the story behind how I picked up The Knife of Never Letting Go.

I actually own two copies of The Knife of Never Letting Go but it’s the first one that I’m going to focus on properly. Because TKONLG was the first book that I ever bought and read on my Kindle.

Yep, that’s right.


Now, I know the e-readers are still a bit controversial with readers and I have had many a heated debate with my friends who have stated that they will never ever in a gabillion years buy an e-reader because there is nothing like buying a hard cover of a book.

But I’ve got a secret to tell you. And this is a Wear the Old Coat exclusive!
Come on, a little bit closer, I don’t want to say it too loud or else I might get taken away in the dead of the night by a secret society of… um.. book people.
Did you know that you can still buy paper books even if you have an e-reader and buy e-books? They allow you to do that. If you buy an e-reader they don’t tag you so you get an electric shock when you go into a book shop. They just let you buy them! I know, you probably don’t believe me because the idea that anyone who would do that is completely and utterly mad.

You should probably just have me committed already.

Needless to say, I read TKONLG and aged about fifty years, experienced every single emotion in existence and once I woke up in the middle of the night screaming “MANCHEEE!”*.

I’ve always believed that if I hadn’t of bought TKONLG on a whim (for 99p on the Amazon sale!) I probably would never have discovered Ness. And seeing as he’s on my “I would read a telephone book if you wrote it. No, really. When is that going to be published? I would seriously buy it.” list, that is an incredibly sad thought.

I’m kind of reluctant to share my review with you because I’m kind of embarrassed of it. It’s incredibly incoherent and says absolutely nothing about the book and doesn’t do it justice and there’s lots of CAPITAL LETTERS and excessive punctuation and it’s awful. But you can read it if you want.

The next day, I bought the Chaos Walking series in paperback, jumped every time the letter box clattered and almost winded the post man as I barrelled into him to retrieve my copies and devoured the other books within about two days. The Chaos Walking series is my second favourite YA series of all time (His Dark Materials just beats it… to be continued…) and Patrick Ness is one of my favourite YA authors ever. And he’s really nice guy and only looked a little bit scared when I accosted him when I met him.

Extra Joy: The Chaos Walking series is the reason why I am BEST OF FRIENDS with the crazily brilliant Maggie and Noelle from Young Adult Anonymous. It was after I stalked saw from a polite distance, that Noelle was reading this series on Goodreads I knew I had to be her friend.

And then we ganged up on Maggie and forced her to read and love the series and of course she did love it, because she has eyes and she can read and she is human.

Then we bonded and exchanged e-mails with CAPITAL LETTERS and excessive punctuation and made-up terms that incorporate Ness’ name into already existing terms and basically just being loopy rabid fangirls.

Is there anything better than bonding over an ‘OMGOMGOMG THIS BOOK THIS BOOK HOW CAN THIS BOOK BE SO GOOD?!?!??!’ book?

Nah, doubt it.

If you’ve not read this book yet, then why are you reading this blog post? Seriously, this post may be awesome and hilarious and brilliant in every way but, if you can believe it, The Chaos Walking series is better.
So go, scoot.

Because then, and only then, will you be allowed to join Maggie, Noelle and I’s gang. We have passwords, fist-bumps and we sometimes sit in silence and stare at each other to see if we listen really closely we can hear each other’s Noise.

Where on the shelf?

Right next to Mr Pullman.
Or, what I like to call- The VIP section of my bookshelf.

Until next time…

*This may or may not have actually happened.

13 thoughts on “Under the Covers # 2: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness.

  1. Firstly, I LOVE this feature! Secondly, my copies of The Chaos Walking trilogy are in the exact same place yours are! Not on your shelf (cause I’m not a single white bookish female…much) but next to my beloved Sally Lockhart books. Sally and Fred, Lyra and Will, Viola and Todd…good lord, Pullman and Ness can bring the face rain like no other.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it :)
      I know, right?!
      I’ve been meaning to have a huge Pullman re-read soon because it’s been too long.
      But yes. If I could hang out with any characters in any book ever they would be Viola, Todd, Will and Lyra.

      And face rain? BRILLIANT. I love it so much.

  2. Great post, Lady Jo! I reh-heally need to read this series, I’ve heard so much about it and now you’ve convinced me by saying it’s your second fave series! Also, I like His Dark Materials series too ;)

    Also, I would like to join the gang with you and Maggie and Noelle, I better get reading!

  3. I think I really need to read this book…I loved reading this post Jo! And I think you need to take a picture of your whole bookshelf one day – I bet it’s really pretty what with all those nice books :D

  4. Can I be in the club?? My noise is pretty much full of complimentary things about you and kitten gifs :)

    This is one of those series where I’m tempted to buy multiple copies just so I can own all the gorgeous covers..

  5. Brilliant post Jo! I want to join your gang too! But I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read this series yet! But I have all three books glaring at me from my bookshelf! I promise to get to them asap! Because your gang sounds the best! :D

  6. Awwww yay!! <3 Can you imagine if you could see people's Noise reading this series? Pretty sure mine would be nonstop expletives and shaking & crying gifs and then moments of just static. You're the best, Jo. Nessochists4EVA. –Noelle

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