What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: An Introduction.

What do you think of when you think of Nicholas Hoult?

Woah, people! This is a family blog. We don’t have that kind of smut on here.

Do you think of him as Beast in X-Men Origins?

How about as Mr Katniss Everdeen?

No, I’m thinking we should go back earlier.

Whoops, not that early.

I’m talking about Skins.
(I don’t even need to tell you I am talking about the British version which is the ONLY version anyone should be talking about).

The TV programme that launched the career of Dev Patel. The TV programme that has the best soundtrack ever. The TV programme that has won every award going. The TV programme that covers controversial subjects and doesn’t even blink. The TV programme that isn’t afraid to tear out your soul, force it drink Jagerbombs, stomp on it and then throw it across the room.

In my humble opinion, it’s compulsory viewing for anyone who is interested in the YA genre, both writing and reading it.

I decided it was time for a re-watch and, seeing as this blog is everything to do with YA, I decided to share my thoughts of each episode and make it into a feature.

So…. Um, Jo… you’re just going to watch Skins and… um… talk about it incoherently and go off on tangents and you expect us to read it?” I hear you cry.

For I, gentle reader, have roped in some lovely ladies to help me out.

The Usual Suspects.

Jo from…. Um… well… here [Brit] – I’ve only ever seen the first two series which came out when I was in college (college is 16-18 in the UK, by the way) so I feel like I grew up with Toney Stonem and the rest of the cast. Except, well, no one looked like that in my college.
I stopped at series two because:
1) I honestly believe that no other cast could surpass the original one. I’m looking forward to being proved wrong.
2) I cried so much at the end of Series 2 that I can’t even think about it without sobbing. (No spoilers!)

Skins Status: Can’t listen to Adele without crying. Wants to be best friends with Cassie. Wants to kiss Chris on the mouth…. Lots of times.

Anna from Anna Scott Jots [Brit]– One of the main reasons why I decided to hold my Saturday Night Skins’ party is because of this wonderful lady and this post (WARNING: Spoilers!).  Anna is hardcore and has watched them all and it was her enthusiasm (and rabidity) that made me realise it was time to revisit this series.

Skins Status: Skins Superfan with a partiality for Cook.

Trinity from Trin in the Wind [Aussie]– It doesn’t take long for Trin and I’s conversations to go back to Skins. We always find our way back. Actually, if anything, it has helped us become closer. And we already practically share a brain. Trin and I are both in the same position because we have only ever seen the first two series and we were both two numb to carry on. *sniff*
But, as a famous monkey once said, fuck it… it is time…

Skins Status: Can’t even mention Skins to her without being assaulted by tears and CAPS LOCK.

Flannery from The Readventurer [American] – Flann has seen every series of Skins (except series 6) and is a huge fan. She’s a huge fan of the HUMOUR. She’s a huge fan of the GRITTY REALISM. She’s a huge fan of the CHARACTERS. She’s also a huge fan of FREDDIE and is incredibly possessive over him. Seriously, she will cut you if you mention him too often. I think she blocked me on gchat for an hour once when I said that I thought he was cute.

Skins Status: Skins Superfan with a partiality for Freddie.

Reynje [Aussie] – I literally (LITERALLY) couldn’t believe it when Rey told me she had never seen an episode of Skins. I think she will absolutely ADORE it because she is human and is the same person as me… but we shall see.

Skins Status : We’re going to wait until she falls asleep and we’ll write “Skins Virgin” on her fod.


Maggie from Young Adult Anonymous [American]– When I saw that the amazing Maggie was watching Skins (her tweet of “I’M MAD FOR MAD TW4T” gave it away) I realised that she just had to be part of this watchathon. Comedy gold. Also, she balances our nationalities out nicely…

Skins Status: Also a Skins Virgin but is devouring them like a crazy devourer. Recently discovered that ‘fanny’ means something different in England than it does in America.

In theory, I will be posting our discussion on an episode a week but if we get giddy and watch a million episodes in one go (which, you kind of HAVE to with Skins) then I might consult with the ladies and post multiple episodes. Just whatever tickles our fancy really.

So pour a glass of wine and put the tele on or, if you’re feeling really dedicated, have a mad house party and wake up naked with no recollection as to what happened last night…. And join us next Saturday for episode numero uno.*

My weekend in a nutshell.

*Please, please, please don’t post spoilers in the comments. One of the best things about Skins is watching it when you have NO idea what is going to happen so please be considerate if you have already seen it. Thank you!

27 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: An Introduction.

  1. Jo, I am so EXCITED! I have my glass of wine and Skins Season One on stand-by. I am fully prepared for my mind to be blown.

    Also, I’ve seen pictures of that Freddie lad and I think Flannery and I might have to have a rumble.

    Expect my notes soon – with ALL THE THOUGHTS.

  2. Great feature, Jo! I’ve seen every season of Skins, the first 4 were definitely my favourites and I have to admit I don’t love the latest season but it is a great show and I agree that all YA fans should watch it!

  3. I really need to watch this show. I’m going to follow all your posts and try and get a copy of the dvd! :D

    P.s I think you need a Gavin and Stacey one after this Jo ;)

  4. Just so goddamn excited to read everyone’s comments! I’ve just realised that if we do one episode a week, this might take…a while. which is BRILLIANT. The more Skins, the better, I say :D

    • Haha, I know, I was thinking about that. Maybe we could post two episodes every now and again. Although the posts are going to be LONG because I imagine we’ll be nattering for a bit. We’ll see!

  5. i didn’t watch the second series. Only like the first two eps and it just wasn’t the same. Made me appreciate the first series a lot more. The cast were just magic on that show, honestly, no other series can ever do it like they did.

  6. This sounds fantastic! I actually feel ashamed admitting that I haven’t watched a single episode! I have no idea what I was watching whilst in college! I will try and watch an episode by next week! :)

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