What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: Episode #1 Tony.

First up… a note about spoilers: Obviously, the girls and me will be talking about episode one, so naturally, there will be spoilers for this episode. If you have any intention of watching this episode and don’t want it to be spoiled, avert your eyes. BUT we will NOT spoil future episodes for you, so if you want to watch along with us… make sure you keep up.

I think the best way of doing this is to go through the notes on our TOP SECRET SPARKLY [not really] GOOGLE DOCUMENT and put what we’ve been talking about into OFFICIAL TALKING POINTS. Basically this will just be a way of organising our silliness and the odd interesting point we accidentally stumble upon.

Your fellow Saturday Night Skins party goers now come with added sarcasm, uncontrollable giggles, objectification of boys, individual colours so you know who is chatting what and also ALTERNATE IDENTITIES.
Because, let’s face it, we’re pretty much YA blogging superheroes.
You haven’t forgotten us, have you?

Flannery from The Readventurer = Freddie’s Fangirl. [I’m guessing she had other names in mind… what other word begins with ‘F’ that she would associate with Freddie? Hmmm. I’ll let you ponder.]
Anna from Anna Scott Jots = Big Bristols.
Trin from Trin in the Wind = Exploding Hearts.
Reynje – New Skins on the Block.
Maggie from Young Adults Anonymous = Maggison Twatter.
Jo from… here= Chris’ Lady Love.  

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?
Let’s get to it, or as Rey’s boyfriend, MC Hugo says: “Let’s shizzle on this dizzle and party down.”

Episode One: Tony
Tony is a smart-ass, super-confident 17-year-old, with the good-looking girl on his arm and ability to charm most other females he encounters. He launches a scheme to help his friend Sid lose his virginity before his birthday, whilst making a little profit on the side. However his plan quickly unravels, leaving the friends with a dilemma which requires an urgent solution.

Maggie- Initial thoughts: I was surprised by this show — totally in your face about everything, sex, drugs, etc. Until the car ended up in the water, I was still slightly, very slightly, on the fence about the show. Why does a car in the water change things? Who knows! But it made me want to watch episode 2 for sure. I liked the characters but didn’t feel a solid connection to them yet. I definitely laughed a lot this ep. The show seems slightly heavier and deeper than the usual teen fare, so I’m interested to see where it goes and how it gets there in between Sid’s quest to lose his virginity, Cassie being crazy in other people’s kitchens, Tony just being Tony, and Chris and the teacher. Bring it on!

Rey– So confession: I’ve never watched Skins before. [I can hear a pin drop in this silence]. It’s not like I’d never had the opportunity, I’ve noticed it around. I guess maybe I was just shy. What if we didn’t get along. I was always too scared to make the first move, which is why I was relieved when the lovely Jo decided to take my YA education in hand and set me and Skins up on a date.

But now I’m nervous again. First date jitters. Should I organise an emergency bail-out plan with my flatmate in case it turns out to be a dud? Maybe she could fire off a tweet on my behalf: “Sorry, Rey can’t come to the internet right now, a pack of rabid Alsatians have gnawed off her hands.”

No, what am I thinking? These are some of the raddest ladies on the internet and they have impeccable taste. They would never steer me wrong. *pours glass of wine* Here I go.

[*The SNS girls hold their breath. Wait until Rey gets her act together and writes up her notes*]

So, verdict? There is undeniable chemistry, and I think Skins and I shared a couple of flirty winks over my wine glass.

[No seriously…. She did. Look. PROOF.]

Second date please! And more Chris.

Jo– Oh man, I love this programme so much. I think my favourite thing about Skins is how fresh it is. If you described it to me I would be like… what? I mean, a group of kids getting laid and taking drugs? Oh hey American Pie. But the writers really know what they’re doing, don’t they? I just care so much about all of these characters. Pretty much every ‘cliche’ teenage problem is covered but it’s never cliche. It’s heartbreaking but it’s never sentimental.

I think these guys are one of the best ensemble casts on TV. You can really tell that they love doing what they’re doing. They just bounce off each other, with every eye-roll and side glance. Perfection.
Also, this series was released in 2007, right? That’s like 5 years. It’s aged so well, hasn’t it?

Anna– I KNOW. It’s amazing. 5 years doesn’t seem that long to me nowadays, but when I was that age, it would have felt like a lifetime. You can only really tell it’s not that current by their ancient looking phones :)
Well, good as far as first eps go, I suppose. On the DVD, it’s listed as Tony’s episode, but isn’t really. More like a Tony and Sid two-hander. Nice setting up a few story lines – Chris and the teacher, Sid and Cassie etc and they did a good job getting across the measure of everyone’s characters in such a short space of time. I remember when I watched this for the first time and I thought the whole series was going to be about Tony, and felt a bit gutted that there might not be more Chris, because he really stands out in this episode.
One massive niggle about this that I mentioned before – the lack of any soundtrack throughout most of the episode. So used to pretty much constant background music with later episodes, that now this one seems really lacking in something through its absence. Can’t wait to watch Cassie’s episode. This was when I really got hooked the first time round.


Flann– Ah, Tony is such a little jerkwad.
Trinity-It’s Tony! Hehe chinups. I love what he does to his dad here, it’s so funny.

A-Naughty bed sheets :)
J– I have missed those bed sheets. So funny. I wonder if you can really buy them.
M– Marcus! Oh Marcus, you’re peeping now. Fucking Hugh Grant. Never let him near your children. The Thinker. On the toilet. Love it.
J– He’s such a brilliant character, I mean who else could get away with reading Satre on the toilet? NO ONE. I bloody love Tony SO MUCH. He’s so genius but yeah, he’s an absolute dickhead. I would probably fall down if I tried to shimmy down a drain pipe.
R– Ooh. Nicholas Hoult. Nicholas Hoult again. And MORE Nicholas Hoult. WOAH. Nicholas Hoult. Hello. NICHOLAS HOULT SINGS??! Why didn’t anybody tell me about this. *joins in general school girl tittering like an idiot*
A– Do you reckon that’s his real singing voice? Doesn’t sound quite right.
M– I can’t believe Marcus grew up to be so hot. Jiminy.

Other characters.

J– If you put a gun to my head and asked me to choose between Cassie, Sid and Chris as my favourite character, I honestly wouldn’t be able to do it. I love them all. Sid is so adorable. What does he look like now? I bet he’s hot.
A– He’s on twitter. [@baileyandice, btw] And rather cute ;) Ah, back when you could smoke in a cafe. Oh, poor little Sid and his tomato ketchup chin. AWKWARD. So young!
T– Someone tell Sid about the sauce on his chin!  Maxxie! So gorgeous, love me!
A– I love Maxxie’s hair in this episode. It goes downhill after this – like it’s been butchered within an inch of its life by demon hair straighteners. Jal – contender for most boring Skins character ever?
J– NO. I love Jal. :(
F-I don’t think she’s one of the best–she never really gets a lot of exciting stories:-/
J-She doesn’t… but the one she does… wooooshaaaah.
A– She comes across as a bit too serious in first series, I think. But, yeah, MUCH better storyline in series 2! Shame she isn’t given more to do here because she’s a really good actress.

A– Bizzarely, we have a trampoline like that is our communal back garden. Someone just left it there a few years ago, apparently. It’s ace. Cassie, you are so perceptive.
M– It’s always the crazy ones who are the most perceptive.
F– Cassie and Pandora later were sort of similar characters to me. Sometimes Cassie drives me insane but I still always liked her.
J– I know what you mean about Cassie. Normally she’s the girl I would hate. She’s so ditzy and ridiculous but then she comes out with something and you’re just like… woah. That whole scene on the trampoline is one of my favourites. The bit where Sid holds her hand? Oh my goodness. I think she’s really gorgeous too, even if her teeth are a bit weird. Also, I really like that dress.
R– Aw, trampoline. If I’ve learned anything from teen movies, it’s that all deep and meaningful moments happen on trampolines. I feel ripped off. I only ever got double bounced and a bruised coccyx from landing on the springs.

A– First sign of seriously fucked up Cassie. FORE-SHADOWING
M– Crazy Cassie is crazy. Finding Cassie Crazy!
F– Book Nerd.
J– *Snigger* 
M– “I’m not sick, they let me play with the cats.”
T– I love Cassie, she reminds me so much of girls I used to know. That quiet tragedy that you almost feel like you can’t address with her. Her hiding behind her smiling and wows.
R-“At least we’ve got our health.” —  HA HA, oh Cassie, BEST LINE EVER! *cries from the laughing and but also a little from sadness* 


R– Oh so this is the Chris I’ve heard so much about from Jo? Hmm. Apparently I’m supposed to deliver you a smooch? Can do! But eh, what’s with the clothes? Are you conducting traffic or going to a rave? Lose the chain, Chris, lose it.
M- That fucking yellow anorak + scarf. Amazing. I just connected Chris/Gendry.

Just going to leave this here..

M-That’s like Dick Casablancas suddenly turning up in GoT.

J– VERONICA MARS REFERENCE. YOU SHOULD GET A PRIZE. Also, future What YA Watching plan?! *plots*

F– If I was in high school, I would’ve totally been into Sid and not Tony. Just sayin’.
J– I’d have been into Chris. Or trying to turn Maxxie. Tony is the guy that you fancy until you realise he’s a dickhead and boys like Sid will treat you better.

Skins as YA.
J– I was cracking up all the way through this. The dialogue is ridiculous funny but without being too “LOOK HOW FUNNY WE ARE.” I wish YA writers would watch this programme. This is how kids talk. “Anwar, you gimpy twat.” LOL.
A– Do other YA readers and writers watch Skins? I only got into YA because of this programme! They should all watch it!

Censorship [America Vs Australia Vs Britain]

F– First things first, I have to say that one reason I love this show is because they show so much more on British TV than here. There is no freaking way that woman would be naked on any basic cable show, nor would they show anyone’s junk close-up in their underwear.
J– Really interesting, because when Skins came out (even though it’s rated as an 18. It was really advertised for teenagers. But I don’t understand why anyone would get their knickers in a twist over it. Everyone in this programme is over 16 and it’s legal to have sex at 16. Most kids have it younger.  I know you’re not, Flann, but do you think people would be shocked by it?
F– People really vocally complained about the MTV version and it was like the decaffeinated coffee to the UK version’s espresso. So yes, I think people would be pretty shocked if it was on one of our regular channels. Now HBO (of Game of Thrones fame)–those watchers wouldn’t give a crap. Also, there’s not much swearing on our regular TV. (definitely no ‘fucks’)
R– I think this is one of the ways that Australia and the UK are more alike.. they’re more okay with the ..er.. gritty realism.
M– Even Tony’s sheets would be blurred out.

UK High School.

F– I got a little bit of an idea how UK high school works but I still get confused why Effy would be at a private school (she is, right?) while Tony is at a “technical college” and what is a “technical college” anyway? I always just pretended they were at a regular public high school.
M– What is this sixth form bullshit? Brits… always gotta be fancy and shit.
A– In the last 2 years of high school, you can either study at a sixth-form college (like Roundview in Skins) or stay on at school, if your school has a sixth-form (like Years 12 +13), some don’t. I won’t bore you with all the details of the UK education system but the last 2 years you take exams for uni. Yes, I think Effy does go to a private school, judging from the uniform she wears. No state school I know would ever make them wear hats like that.
F-This is interesting to me. All US students go to just plain high school. We take one of two nationwide university entry exams (The SAT or the ACT) in our junior or senior year (some students take it twice to try to get their score up), which the schools require for applications and weigh with our grades, extracurriculars, etc. We have a few topic-specific “extra” exams we can take during the last year of high school to basically “opt out” of them in university or move up a level but that’s it.
R– Schooling around the world is so confusing.. on top of being different in Australia as well, it varies between states too.

“Fanny in the UK doesn’t mean what it does over here, does it?”- Maggie.
J– Do you not wonder why Brits always giggle when you say ‘fanny pack’? Well… probably just me. TITTER.

The Proper Pronunciation of Twat [The important things, you know?]
M– How do you pronounce twat?
F– I want to say ‘twought’.
J– Nope. Twat rhymes with cat.
F– Twought sounds like something that Tweety Bird would say.
M– I twought I saw a fanny cat.


Show Us Some Skin
[Impromptu Features that we just decided on.]

Chris’ Best Quotes.

“Shakespeare and shit.”
“No TV. Just pills and shagging.”
“As big gay nights go, it’s not that big.”
“It’s posh kids! All the boys are gay!”

What is Chris Wearing?

My beloved.

M– Does Chris only wear primary colors?
A– Pretty much, either that, or NOTHING AT ALL (future hint)
J– @actualpenis
Bloody Brilliant Cameos. [BBC]

Harry Enfield as Tony (and Effie’s dad)

F– Who IS Harry Enfield?
J– Kevin and Perry?
F– …….
A– How do you explain Harry Enfield? Leave it to Youtube, maybe.
F– Is this show serious? What the hell?
J– It was huge over here.
F– Are they both guys?
J– No. Perry is a girl. Did you ever watch Gimme, Gimme, Gimme?
J– Never mind.

Twat Count.
20? 30?

Fanny Count.

Poor Sid Count:
Lost count after the tomato sauce on his chin.

Oh Sid…

Saturday Skins Singalong Song. 

I’m not actually sure that this song is in this episode but because I get this song in my head every time I think of Skins. Also, it’s on the main menu of my DVD and I lost the remote so I had an impromptu dance party.

What did YOU think of this episode? Are you excited for Cassie’s episode? The answer to that should be HOLY HECK YES.
Until next week…

13 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: Episode #1 Tony.

  1. I’m so glad you cleared up the pronunciation of twat, I’m sick of US shows where actors pronounce it ‘twot’

    Great post guys, I’d forgotten all about Maxxie so it was nice to see him again and they all look SO young now

  2. This is the best post EVER!!!!!

    Ok so I’ve never watched Skins – everyone was watching its while I was at uni and I was like pffft I have pretty pictures to draw.

    But considering just how much of a crush I’ve had on Gendry since he first appeared in GoT which has now turned into a healthy obsession after that scene (thank you HBO!!!) I may have to start.

    Also love all the confusion over our little British ways :D

    • Haha, thanks Amy! You really, really need to watch Skins, mate. It’s SO good and Chris > Gendry. He’s just absolutely brilliant.

      I still need to watch GoT.

      And yes, our Britticisms had lots of play in our comments :D

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