What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: Episode #2 Cassie.

Missed an episode? 

Episode Two: Cassie.
If the world wasn’t strange enough, this episode perceives the world through the eyes of Cassie. A world in which you receive messages through your food. A world in which the guy you are interested in only has eyes for your best friend, who only has eyes for his best friend. And a world in which the only person you can talk to is your taxi driver. Welcome to the calm in storm of the surreal.

“Oh wow. Oh but you see, it’s like…  nobody’s fucking business. And it’s not exactly as if anybody cares.”

Plot Summary.

A quick round up of this episode by moi (Jo), written in about two seconds. There’s a reason I don’t write book synopsis….
This episode, as the title helpfully tells us, is about Cassie. Remember Cassie? The blonde one with the big eyes and the trampoline hand-holding and the overdose? Yep, that Cassie.
We find out in this episode that Cassie has an eating disorder and today she gets to sign out of her clinic. Because she’s better, right? No. She’s not better.
Her parents don’t care because they’re too wrapped up in themselves and her friends don’t know because they’re… well, see above. Cassie is crying out for a friend, someone to listen to her, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone. Unless you count the anonymous text messages she’s being sent telling her to “Eat.”
Also, we see Cassie falling for the Beanie-clad Sid (the one who always has crap on his face). But Sid’s a boy and therefore oblivious and he’s got other things on his mind. For Sid is screwed when Maddison Twatter, PHD gets a job at his college as a supply teacher. He still owes him money for the weed that he bought last week and lost when the car fell into the lake.
Also, Angie (Katy Perry teacher) has just broken up with her boyfriend and Chris sees her boob-naked.
Also, Tony is still a douche and Michelle is still boring.
Also, Chris is still hilarious and sexy.
Plenty of lolz this episode but, in true Skins style, it’s the characters and the realistic portrayal of their issues that have us completely captivated.


Going through our notes, it became apparent that we have a lot of love for Cassie. Let’s have a look at what we had to say about her.

Anna-I love the way they very skilfully show how clever and manipulative Cassie is in just a few lines – she tells people want they want to hear and makes them feel like they’re doing the right thing and are in the right, when they’re being complete dildos.
The fact that all this is filmed on a sunny day makes it all the more sad somehow
Flannery– Aw, I totally agree with this. Like Cassie’s sadness is worth some horrible thunderstorms but it wouldn’t be Cassie at all if it was that way. It makes it more sad because it’s such a fake façade :-/
A-She should be Prime Minister
Jo– I would vote for her.
Rey-Okay, yeah. I think I kind of.. connected.. much more with this episode. And all the subtle Cassie moments are so beautifully done. She’s so ethereal and soft, but I love how she suddenly comes into focus so sharply.
Trinity– Cass is like a tiny star, like those one that are in glitter packets. So pretty so fragile.
Maggie– Cassie is so sweet. <3
J– I really love the conversation between Anwar and Cassie when A is praying and she asks “Is he listening?” I don’t know why. It just really made me sad. Me too.
T– I love Cassie, she reminds me so much of girls I used to know. That quiet tragedy that you almost feel like you can’t address with her. Her hiding behind her smiling and wows.
A- And her amazing eye-rolling :)

Other Characters.

T-I think it’s brilliant how these actors actually look like/are teenagers.
J-It’s because they are teenagers. It’s so refreshing to see that they’re not actually 30.They’re all my age and I can fancy them all good and proper.
T– :D
A-I have the opposite problem – they are not my age, so it feels slightly wrong to fancy them. Would have better, in that respect, if they WERE really 30 :)

F– I totally forgot Kenneth even existed.
A-That actor’s quite (sort of) famous now over here.
J-Posh Kenneth! IS HE? Who? Just done a cheeky Google but… I’ve not seen anything else he’s in!
A-Was in The Fades (still haven’t seen that one) and did you see Black Mirror – was on over Christmas, I think. Anyway, he was excellent in that. And he was in the new Johnny English film (don’t think I’ll be catching that one)

T– Tiny <3 The cabbie is so nice.
A-Wooden cab driver again.
J-OI. MOUTH. I love the taxi driver. Cab, Anna? I’m sorry… are we AMERICAN NOW?!
A-Sorry *ashamed face* TAXI, I meant TAXI. And, come on, it’s not exactly an Oscar-worthy performance, is it?
J– Well, no, but maybe I just like that Cassie has at least SOMEONE to look out for her. Everyone else is oblivious. :(

Talking Points.

Eating Disorders.

“I’m better now. I’m totally better.”

J– This storyline is what I always think about when I think of Cassie. It’s so well done, isn’t it? That whole bit at the clinic, with the weights in her skirt and the girl drinking water? :(

A-Surely they would see the empty plastic bottles in the corridor and suss her out? Maybe not, actually, they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer
I love the way they’ve mined the humour from the situation, but not in distasteful way. Or maybe it is distasteful, and that’s what I find funny :)

Skins Parties.

M– Tell me that’s not cum.
R– That party – is it weird that I simultaneously want to have a food fight like that and yet it also kind of makes me want to barf? “Coco pops” – haha. What a dick. I love that Chris is running wrapped in a duvet :)

T– Is it terrible to admit, I’ve woken up like this? Oh the sordid life of Trin.
F-They always crack me up when they all have to run out of places. Seems to happen all the time lol.

Parents and adults.
M-What in Lucian Freud x tanorexic lady who was arrested for putting her 5 year old in a tanning bed HELL.
R-Oh my gosh, her parents! I want to slap them both. But you really get the sense of distance, as if Cassie is looking in on her own family – and isn’t really a part of it. Heartbreaking.
F-So many of the parents on this show are missing all the time. I mean, I guess I had a few friends in high school who were always just doing whatever and whose houses we always used for parties, but still…
J– I know, I think the parents in this programme are just as important. I’m kind of thinking of FUTURE EPISODES (specifically one coming up extremely soon) but yeah, it’s so sad. They just seem so uninterested in their kid’s life. Poor Cass.

Why don’t people just help Sid?!

F-Why don’t they just give him the money? If they split it up, it wouldn’t be that much, would it? Plus it isn’t Sid’s fault that the car went into the harbor. Tony should give him some of the money. 
J-I always think this. The bit in the college when they’re all just like… I have to go. How much money is it? £300? There’s like 6 of them! Maxxie could do some busker dancing and get the money. That episode would’ve been awesome.

Sid & Cass.

R-Favourite moment is probably the post-it /forehead kiss. Actually, I love all the scenes with Sid and Cassie together. They both kind of break my heart. I want to give Sid a big hug (even though he always looks a bit grimy).
F-I don’t know about you but most of the boys I knew in high school were a bit grimy:)
J-This. Grimy boys.
A-Smelly boys

J-I wish Cassie and Sid would just be together forever.
R-Me too! *sniff*
F- Aw, kissing Sid’s forehead.

R-This part was so sweet. Definitely “aww’d” right here. I think I love these two.
M-Me too!
T-I think about what she does with the food here all the time. SID CARES. Shut up Tony! leave Sid & Cass alone.
F-I wish they would’ve just made out over the cafeteria table. Aaaaand scene.
:(((About Cass telling Sid she thought he liked her.
J-Too much sadness. :( “Cassie, there aren’t any texts there.” NOOOOO. Why DIDN’T he text her? It makes me sad that none of her friends even cared. I THOUGHT BETTER OF YOU SID.


A– I ADORE THIS SCENE WITH THE BALCONY AND THE FINGERS. This was the scene that got me hooked on this show. So beautiful.
T-Cass is seen in the tiny details. Look up if you like me.

“Look up if you like me.”

R-This part was gutting :( Look up. Look up!
M– “Look up if you like me.” AWWWWW CASS. <3

Chris and Angie.

“I’m sorry I saw your boobs… I’m sorry I saw your bum… I’m sorry I saw your…”

M-Chris, you Pacey.
F-Hahaha, that is always what I think of with student/teacher “relations”

F-WHAT THE FUCK?! What kind of teacher just walks around naked in the middle of the school day in a locker room and then just chills naked when three students are there.
A-No kind of teacher.
F– I mean, I think it is funny but she’d probs be fired. “You’ve still got it.” lol
T– Why is she naked? Who does this?
I love how Chris defends her, this might be when I fell in love with him.
But then he comes back lol. Such a guy.
A-Chris, being a gentleman, almost.
J-He’s my kind of gentleman.
A– Such an adorable perv. Cover up your tits you daft mare
F-Aw, Chris. That storyline is interesting cos I always kind of rooted for Chris to get Angie, even though teacher/student relationships are effed up and Angie is a psycho.
A– I know what you mean, they have a good on screen chemistry, but yes, fucked up.
J– I really hate Angie. She’s just… no. HATE.
F– Correction: I don’t mean I am rooting for them to get together–I just root for Chris to bag Angie…because I love Chris:) .
A-I don’t mind her so much in this series, but the next one, well, I’ll leave that for now…
J-Preach, Anna.

Anwar’s Bum.

M– Cassie checking out Anwar’s butt while he’s praying — YES.

For British Eyes Only.

[A new heading where Anna and I answer questions about British things or…. We chat on about how much we hate British chefs and our lack of knowledge over Danny Dyer films.]
J-I love it when the dinner lady calls Jamie Oliver a “Smart arse blonde fucker”. I hate him so much.

A– Jo, I love you – Jamie Oliver is a dick. My husband’s name for him – ‘fat-tongued twat’
J-Yes. Anna. YES YES YES. I have so much rage about Jamie Oliver.
A-I can’t even think about him without going into a spasm. And not a good spasm. SUCH A TWAT

M-Malcolm — What do I know him from?
A-Always plays a bit of a geezer in lots of Brit flicks. Actually plays exactly the same part in everything he’s in. Can’t think of any titles – they all sort of blend into one :/
J-Danny Dyer, right? Wasn’t he in Human Traffic with John Simm?
A-YES! That is one of them. Will have to check imdb for rest, I think
F-This paragraph is like gibberish to me. I don’t know who/what any of those people/movies are.

Round Up.

“So eat.”

R-Last scene: perfect. I just want her to be okay. Is she okay? Someone tell me she’s going to be okay….!
F-You WISH, Rey! Like we would ever spoil anything for you. Psht.
J-PAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh Rey, you are going to have kittens in the coming episodes.. KITTENS, ALL THE KITTENS.
M-This is the episode. This is what sold me on Skins. I love Cassie. That actress is amazing. How much she longed for a connection with someone, anyone! to notice her and see her, and the only person was Allen the cabbie. My heart breaks for her! But she eats, right?? Right now, Cass and Sid are my favorite characters.
A-So. This was a fab episode. Completely different to the first one. Skins proper, I think. Was thinking the other day how the narrative style of a typical Skins episode is very similar to a lot of contemporary YA – nearly exclusively from just one POV. Are there any other teen dramas where is does this?
F-Fucking DANCE ACADEMY lol. It’s this pretty cheesy but totally addicting Center Stage-ish Aussie show. There is a central character but so many storylines. Definitely not as gritty. And obviously loads more daaaancing.
A– YES YES YES! Bloody love Dance academy! So, anyway, I love how the girls in the show are all beautiful, but in a very unconventional way, even Michelle. There’s no plastic bimbo types.
J-True. I love how they’re all nice to look at, but not alienating to the girls who are watching all over. Yeah, they’re gorgeous… but if you saw them in Topshop or New Look you wouldn’t be like ‘HOLD THE PHONE. THESE GIRLS DON’T EXIST!’
A-Not sure if I have any gripes about his ep really. Apart from the same as the last one – not enough soundtrack. It’s very strange after watching the later episodes and you notice how much the editing of it has changed over the years too. Anyway, I’ll shut up about the music now.
F-Are you watching it with the original soundtrack or without? I think the DVDs have all changed it up.
A-Watching the original series 1 DVD, but there hardly seems to be any soundtrack at all :( Only seems strange because I’ve been watching the later episodes recently, I think.
Oh, and can’t wait for Madison Twatter to be dispensed with – he sucks the life out of every scene he’s in
Oh, and I LOVE CASSIE :)
F-This show makes me so sad because it is always a reminder of how much each of us have going on in our lives. There are so many moments when we’ve been watching an episode about one person and something happens to them but no one else knows about it. Like even here, Cassie’s graduating from her program and the person who probably knows most about it is the cabbie. Sometimes all of these friends are there for each other but others I wish they were more…I guess that’s life.

Skins as YA.

[A quick list of books that feature some of the talking points in each episode. Unfortunately there aren’t any books about Anwar’s bum (what the hell, authors?!) so we’ve made a list of books about eating disorders. Have you read any of them? Any other books that you’ve read that remind you of Skins and the issues covered? Leave your recommendations in the comments!]

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.
Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig
Skinny by Ibi Kaslik.

Show Us Some Skin.

The award for the Best ‘Screw You, Tony Stonem’ Scene…

“Wow Tony, bummer. It looks like you’ve pissed yourself.”
You go Cass.

Chris’ Body Part of the Week.

Yep, we see the wonderful Cassie partaking in a spot of penis puppetry as she wanders dreamily around the house after a night of drunken debauchery. Of course, as grown ladies up ladies who take Saturday Night Skins extremely seriously and want to make sure no stone is left unturned in our commentary….
Here is where we discuss his penis.
F-Chris has a huge one, eh? No surprise there.
J-NO. Chris has a tiny one… that’s the whole point, isn’t it? “It’s not true that they’re all the same size at action stations” “Poor Chris.” LOL.
F-Awww, bummer.
J– I bet he knows how to use it though.
[Rey giggle-snorts inappropriately].

Number of times Cassie broke your heart.

Hilarious ID pic of the Week.

Bloody Brilliant Cameo.
We actually have THREE this week!
Danny Dyer as Michelle’s mum’s boyfriend.

“Some fucking Coco pops.”

A– RANDOM FACT – my friend once sold a bed to Danny Dyer. He works in John Lewis (friend, not Danny Dyer). Him and his missus came in. Friend said his missus looked like an ex-smackhead. Dyer looked bored. Sorry, it’s not up there with the best celebrity anecdotes :/

Neil Morrissey as Cassie’s dad.

J- It makes me uncomfortable to see Neil Morrissey rutting up against a kitchen sink. I mean, he’s Bob the Builder. Too much. TOO MUCH, I SAY.
A– NO NO NO. Why did you remind me of this? WHY?????

Robert Wilfort (Jason from Gavin and Stacey) as the Tom the teacher.

What’s Chris Wearing?

WHOOPS. SORRY. Dunno how THAT picture got on here.


A rather fetching vest-top/hat combo.

Best Sid Quote.
“For Christ’s sake, Angie! I don’t care about your tits!”

Best Chris Quote.
“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

Number of times you yelled ‘WASH YOUR FOREHEAD’ at Sid.

[Our comments that didn’t fit into headings but were too good to leave out. I’ll let you work out the context.]

M– “Pants tent!”
A– Bollock repossession. Yikes
M– As Chris Rock said of Janet Jackson, A titty on a Sunday afternoon! A 40-year-old titty! That is your man’s titty. 20-year-old titty? Community titty.
T– “Do you put it in a skunk?”


Will Cassie take a bite of that burger? Will Tony ever stop being a douchey, sexy boy? Will Cassie ever stop crimping her hair? Will Angie ever put on some bloody clothes? Will Chris ever not look sexy wearing neon? Will Cassie ever get the support she needs and deserves from her friends? Will Maddison Twatter, PhD ever disappear into the hole he crawled out of? And, more importantly, will Sid ever look up?

This has been Saturday Night Skins and we have been your hosts.

Until next week….

15 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Saturday Night Skins: Episode #2 Cassie.

  1. I love the new structure thingy! It works really well. And thank you for keeping my jamie oliver comment in. A valid point, eloquently put, I think.
    The only book i can think of at the moment that deals with an eating disorder is How I Live Now. but it’s more of a subplot really.
    Thanks again for another great SNS.
    Jo=my hero :)

    • Thanks Anna! Hahahaha, it seems that I’m being haunted by Jamie Oliver recently. :-O
      I started to read HILN but I just couldn’t get into it. :( Maybe I should give it another go! I know how much you love it!
      You do make me blush!

  2. Jo, I have no clue how long it took you to put all this together but I LOVE the new layout and organization. Even though I’d already read all those comments, I felt like I was reading them all anew. And I love all the pics you added. Perfect all around.

    • Haha, it didn’t take me too long. I re-watched the episode while I was doing it so it was fine :)

      Thanks lovely! I’m really glad you liked the new look. Seems to flow a bit more, yeah?

      • Definitely does. I love everything about it:) I am so embarrassed that I actually had forgotten about the @ActualPenis thing! We need to have more group watching/chatting parties. I had such a good time last time so many of us were in there.

  3. So much loves for you guys right now!!!

    Soooooo you got me hooked on this show. What can I say. I just want to watch Chris all the time. And Cassie and Sid are adorable. ADORABLE!!!!!!

    My friend thinks I’m weird for liking Joe Dempsie and I was like DID YOU NOT SEE THAT GoT SCENE!?? But I’m thinking any photos from this show won’t get her to see the light….

    I have never seen showers in a school before. Why is this weird bug eyed teacher walking around naked?! Please leave Chris alone.

    I started season 3 and I hate it. So I think my Skins journey ends with these guys…

    • Thanks Amy! YAY! I’m so glad you watched it and loved it. (And tore through it!)
      Haha, we were supposed to have showers in our high school but they were more of a storage place for volleyballs.

      I never went anywhere near our gym at college haha.
      I love Chris and Sid and Cassie so so soooooo much. <3 They are ADORABLE, aren't they?

      Oh no, I've not seen season 3 but I know a lot of people (*stares at Flann and Anna*) who love it! We'll see..

    • Yeah, Jo’s right, I do love generation 2. Keep going with season 3! I kind of love Effy and Freddie’s relationship (or lack thereof). Each generation has something to offer. But there are definitely a few annoying characters in gen 2.

      Joe Dempsie<3

  4. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on old posts.
    But I wanted to say I ADORE Cassie. She’s so beautiful and broken. Heartbreaking. I hate her parents.
    What the hell is with Angie? Also, is it common for college students to call teachers by their first names?

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