What YA Watching? || Sunday Evening Skins: Episode # 5 Sid.

Missed an episode? 


Sid is in trouble. Deep trouble. He’s failing at everything. His history coursework hasn’t made the grade and he’s only got a week to deliver something decent or he’ll fail the year. And, of course, he’s as sexually frustrated as ever and can’t get his best friend’s girlfriend, Michelle, out of his head. Will Sid ever buckle down and focus on his future, will his dad ever give him a break, and will he ever wake up to Tony’s manipulative ways?

“Sod, you sidding idiot!”

Plot Summary.

So Sid is a ridiculous, ridiculous boy. He spends most of this episode being… well, ridiculous. His best friend is a total arse, the girl he loves is in love with someone else, his dad is a total dildo, his mum has just left them because his dad is a dildo, the girl who loves him is… well. And on the top of that he’s failing college.
Elsewhere, Tony decides it’s time to make things more interesting and kisses the posh girl whose name I can’t remember and Michelle loses her shizz, rightly so. There’s some fisticuffs with a gaggle of chavs and a scene that features tramp wee.
Cassie, poor poor Cassie, distraught that Sid is still in love with Michelle takes an overdose and sees the end of the episode in a hospital bed. 


Jo-So, I just want to throttle Sid in this episode. And then hug him. And then push him over and kick him in the shins. It makes me so sad when everyone keeps likening him to Tony though. Why can’t people see how wonderful he is? He’s so dim though. Stupid fool. I almost died when Tony walks in on him having a hand shandy. So cringey.
Maggie-Hand shandy!! LOLOL.
Flannery– Yeah, what the hell is a “hand shandy”? I mean, I know what it IS but I haven’t heard it called that.
J-I love it when Sid stands up to his dad- “Say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine!”
Anna-This is a great line – so many good lines in this episode.
It’s like Sid is just oblivious to everything – his parents, Cassie. Oblivious to everything except Tony’s true character – he is the only person who really gets him and knows what he is all about, yet he still lets himself get taken along for the ride, even though he seems to know he will get shat on (or pissed on, in this case) in the end.
He is so frustrating to watch. You just want to shake him by the shoulders, but, actually you know this will make no difference whatsoever. Also, I could almost SMELL his bedroom. And at the end, when he has a shower and puts on a clean shirt, I found myself thinking, ‘when was the last time he had a shower? Surely this isn’t the first shower he has ever had? Is it?’ And then I told myself to stop thinking so much about Sid showering.
J-LOL. It wouldn’t be Saturday Night Skins (or Sunday Night Skins) if we didn’t objectify a boy at least once.
M-It must be so hard for Sid to know the kind of person Tony is and hear that his own parents wish he was more like him. But without Tony, what group would he be in? Would he have been accepted by everyone else without Tony?
F-Why can’t Sid WASH HIS CLOTHES? His room is so disgusting. There’s legit trash and crumbs everywhere. 

Other Characters.

J-Tony is SUCH a dick. I think this episode shows as much about Tony as it does about Sid. He’s so manipulative and unnecessarily cruel. He’s such an unlikeable, yet charismatic character. He comes out with some absolute corkers though – “You’re such a fucking vagina.”I really liked Michelle in this episode. She actually showed she had a personality until right at the end when she went crawling back to Tony. She would be so lucky to have a boy like Sid. But no. She wants Mr Eyebrows.

A-I can’t take my eyes my eyes off the eyebrows (when I first typed this, I inadvertently wrote ‘I can’t take my eyebrows off the eyebrows’ – FUCKING EYEBROWS)
F- Seriously though, why don’t they do some eyebrow shaping on him? Then again, it might make him look even more like the devil.

A-Jo, you’re right, I think this episode may say even more about Tony than Sid. It show the lengths he will go to. For what exactly, for amusement? And that last bit in the bar, when he keeps hold of Sid’s arm – CREEPY.
And Cassie – she has her own little story line that the other characters and the viewer only has fleeting glimpses of and then all of a sudden the full impact of it creeps up and slaps you in the face.
I sort of liked Michelle here – even though she was being a bit of a wet blanket, I could see why she was doing what she was doing. But also quite said that all her good points and completely undermined by Tony and how he is able to manipulate her.
M-I loved the little moment Chris and Jal shared when he patted her on the head when he came into the room. Just a little acknowledgement. :) But this ep was definitely about Tony and how Tony hurts and manipulates the people closest to him — and they take it! Tony’s attitude toward those closest to him can be summed up in one word: Nips. What an ass.

Talking Points.

Cassie and Sid.

J-WAKE UP AND LOOK UP SID, YOU KNOB. Poor Cass. My heart hurt so much when she said “I didn’t eat for three days so I could be lovely.”
And that bit at the end? Gosh. I love how they don’t glamourise it or glorify it at all. It’s so sad and scary- from how ethereal it is when she’s dancing on the bench and then she’s in the ambulance. She looks so small in that bed. :( Sadness.
It makes me so sad that she’s such an afterthought to him. SCREW YOU, SID.

A-The afterthought thing is so sad. And they really ram it home. Any other show would have him reject Michelle and go running to Cassie.
M-Cassie just breaks my heart. I did crack up though when Maxxie or Anwar (Manwar?) said “I bet she bangs like a fairy on acid.”
J– Manwar=BRILLIANT. And yeah, I loved that bit. Hahahahaha.
F-That made me laugh as well, Mags. But as much as I feel for Cassie, I still feel for Sid as well. He’s just so unaware of what’s going on and Cassie never tells him flat out, you know? He’s such a dunce sometimes and he needs it to be spelled out. 

Tony Stonem Sings.

J-I don’t think I will ever be able to see Nicholas Hoult singing and not think of About a Boy. “And then they closed their eyes.” Hahaha.
But yeah, that’s not him, is it? It can’t be.
FThat’s totes his voice. Haven’t you seen About A Boy?
M-It made me think of Love Actually.
F-Aw, my favorite guy in that is Dr. Watson from Sherlock (Martin Freeman) and how cute he is as the body double.
J-Tim from The Office. *girly sigh* 

Is it socially acceptable to bump and grind in a wine bar?

J-Seriously, Michelle! It’s the deadest place in the world and you’re like ‘OMG I LOVE THIS SONG’. Sit down, woman. It’s awkward. Am I just missing something? Is dancing in wine bars the new thing?
A-This is exactly what I was thinking – who does that? Ok, I’ll rephrase that – who does that, sober?
F-Come on now, bumping and grinding is totally socially acceptable ALL the time. I once was at this huge meeting with hundreds of people and afterward there were a ton of us on the beach outside and two people ground all over each other to “Ridin’ Dirty” and I stood there, rapt, thinking, “This is so ridiculously entertaining…and inappropriate…but so ridiculously entertaining.” 

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous Things.

JI really love Sid’s dad, and his mum actually but mostly his dad. He’s SO Glaswegian it’s crazy haha. I find it funny how Sid’s dad is so disappointed in his son when it’s so clear to everyone that Sid gets his losery-ness from him! I love how he just walks into things and falls down stairs and then swears like a (was going to say chimney then. Not right) sailor.
I laughed so much when he’s like “DRAMA. FUCK OFF!”
A-He is my favourite Skins parent ever. A master of creative swearing. And his comic timing is just brilliant. That exchange with Tom at the beginning – ‘not you, Mark,.. this mark’
M-I literally laughed out loud when he fell down the stairs.
A-And also, ‘you snook out’ ‘snuck…’ So many great lines in this episode.
J-Also, I adore the teacher. Tom, is it? He’s so creepy and odd but EXACTLY what my teachers were like at college. How I managed to get A-Levels, I have no idea. “Wo-oh-oh-oh, sailor.”
“I got it…. right.” Hahahaha. Seriously laughing on my own.

For British Eyes Only.

J-Those chavs. Jeez. I wish I could say that that was a cliche but no… that’s exactly what people are like. Although they sound more like farmers in Bristol than they do up here.
“Are you giving me cheek?”
“You fucking what?”
With a bit of Cherry Lambrini. 
A-It’s true – there is no exaggeration here at all. Go to any British town centre and you’ll find them. Two words – VICKY POLLARD.
M-Dude. What was up with the Chavvy Pink Ladies??? This is normal?
F-Pink Ladies” lol Yeah, WTF was that? Are there really these girly street gangs?  

Skins as YA.

J-I always think of Sid as a grosser, unmagical Ron Weasley. I’ll think of this one. Perpetual losers in YA fiction. Where to start? Ha.
A-Ron Weasley – brilliant. 
M-Grosser, unmagical Ron Weasley!! LMAOOOO. So… Rupert Grint?

Show us Some Skin.

Twat Count.
M– No twats! But there was a fanny.

What’s Chris wearing? Actually…. What is EVERYONE wearing?

J-Oh that flag jacket. That is the reason why I watch Skins.

A-I have made a fair few notes about the style choices in this episode –

Chris’s flag jacket – I agree Jo – how can one item of clothing say so much about a character?
Mega Dog – see above note
M-Loved that Mega Dog shirt so much. And it talked! Is that a shirt they actually sell? Not in kids sizes?
A-Tony’s man bag – I’m sure it’s made a few appearances in previous episodes, but Tony would so have a man bag. An evil man bag.

J– Eeeeeeevil Manbag.
A– Oh, and what the fuck was with those red scarf things the choir was wearing?

Maxxie Hair Update.

A-Maxxie’s hair :( The beautiful wavy little locks are now but a distant memory. I will mourn their passing.

Best Chris of the Week.

“Fellatio! Rabbits!”
M-I loved when he danced along with the choir.

Fist Pump of the Week.

“You’re such a fuckin’….”
“Such a fuckin’ what? Such a fuckin’ what?”

Best Use of a Water Pistol of the Week.

Cassie squirting Sid.
A– Or Sid squirting his hamster. Oh, that sounds a bit rude.

Saddest Use of a Water Pistol of the Week.

Oh Cassie. :(

Sid to the Rescue of the Week.
“Michelle would never, never fuck a horse.”
M-LOLOL. Way to stand up for her honor, Sid!

Skins Advice of the Week.
“Life…lots of ups and downs…. Like a bird…flying. Find your wings. And do your fucking coursework or you’re fucked.”

Round Up.

J-Like I said before, I like how we learn things about other characters in this. I don’t think we really learn much about Sid that we didn’t know already. He’s grown up in the shadow of Tony and I think he’s honestly happy to stay there until something like this happens- then he realises how much of a negative influence he is on him.
I haven’t given up on Sid yet. He’s such an adorable character even though he’s so incredibly stupid. He needs to open his eyes a bit more. But I still love him.
A-Weirdly, I don’t think this episode made much of an impression the first time I watched it, and I only remembered the jist of it. But actually it is probably the funniest episode so far, mainly thanks to Sid’s dad. So many quotable lines.
So many bits of Skins aren’t necessarily the most realistic depictions of life for most teenagers, but I love how Sid really rings true in a lot of ways. The scene with the essay – we’ve all been there, staring at a blank screen – ‘Lech Walesa was a Polish man’ – LOL. He’s such a brilliant character that most folks can relate to. Because we all fuck up every now and again :)
M-I think I had “Oh Cass :(“ written at least 5x in my notes. She just broke my heart. And what is up with all the mothers leaving? First Chris’s mum, now Sid’s. I think Sid yelling at his dad and telling him things he himself needs to hear was a huge breakthrough for him. Sid pissed me off so much this ep with how he treated Cassie, but I still have hope for him. I love that Jal was there for Cass, as she was with Chris the episode before. And I’m sooooo curious if anything happens between Jal and Chris later.

Until next week…

10 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Sunday Evening Skins: Episode # 5 Sid.

  1. No one answered about the girly street gangs! Are these things real? Jo, tell me the truth, are you in a girly street gang? You talking cheek? I’d love to write a longer comment but I’m busy bumping and grinding around my living room.

    • God, Flann. I was hoping this wouldn’t be dwelled on.
      OK. OK. I admit it… I’m a chav in a gang.
      I DO talk cheek and I’m not even sorry.

      I would be beating you up with a Lambrini bottle in my hand but I’m in the middle of a wine bar and I’m bumping against a boy who doesn’t shower and grinding against a boy with devil eyebrows.

  2. I make this face when I see Sid :s he’s just so…ag. I think I felt sorry for him at first but then I realised he’s just so stupid and oblivious and it drives me nuts.

    And ‘poor, Cass’ x 10000

    • Bloody Sid. Seriously, he has me having kittens all over the place.
      I absolutely adore Cassie…. I just want to cuddle her and make her eat a massive plate of fish and chips.

  3. ‘Tony would have a man bag. An evil man bag’

    LOL!!!! I can’t stop laughing. It’s so true.

    I adore Sid – smelly, ketchup covered Sid. (Actually I had a dream about his last night. We were on the train together.)

    And Cassie – and the water pistol. Bless her.

    And what the hell is Chris wearing!?!! I also loved the head pat. So cute!

  4. Sid made me so mad in this episode. But I also felt sorry for him. Tony is such a freaking arsehole, Michelle just needs to stop with him!
    Cassie breaks my heart. Don’t do it Cassie! He’s just a dumb boy! And you are lovely!
    It’s interesting that none of the characters really know what to do with her or say to her when she comes out with her crazy.
    This episode cemented my love for Jal. I think she may just be my fave character, which I never would have predicted at the start.

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