What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Episode #6 Maxxie & Anwar

Missed an episode? 

Maxxie and Anwar
The sixth form history class go to Russia on a study trip,where their bus breaks down and their drug-smuggling exploit goes awry. Anwar disapproves of Maxxie’s homosexuality but,after Anwar has tried to smuggle local girl Ankar into their hostel and Maxxie has helped him against Ankar’s outraged husband,comes to respect him. However,following a stand-off and police intervention teacher Tom is forced to pay money to placate the locals – which turns out to be a scam to fleece naive visitors.

“It’s religion, Anwar. It’s just stuff. You don’t have to believe in it.”

Plot Summary.

OK, if you can tell me what the hell went on in this episode you will get a prize*. Basic gist: The group go to Russia on a school trip. Why? Um.. not sure.
Crazy shit happens. Why? Um.. not sure.
Chris and Angie snog and then some. Why? Um.. not sure.
Sid sticks drugs up his bum.
Maxxie is adorable and gay.
Anwar is sex mad and Muslim.
Oh and Tony gets off with Maxxie and Michelle hears them. UH OH.
But seriously…. Wtf?

Maxxie & Anwar.

Jo-Anwar would probably be my favourite character if he didn’t witter on about sex ALL THE TIME. I mean, it is funny for like a second but then wears thin really quickly. But when he’s funny, he’s absolutely hysterical. “I don’t have a turban.” I wish they had done more with Anwar, he’s comedy gold but I think it would have been really interesting to delve more into his family/religion. Though I did like it that we saw more to him than just ‘horny Muslim’… more please.
“It’s just that they look so disappointed when I’m not a terrorist.”
Maxxie sounds like a farmer.
Anna-I love his accent – he’s the only proper west country bumpkin from these lot. I guess Sid has a bit of a farmer undertone too.
J-I like how Maxxie gets angry when Anwar is a twat. It’s kind of disappointing this episode because the two characters I want to know more about get their own episode and then it’s like… RUSSIANS AND BOOBS AND CRAZY THINGS. I think they missed a trick on this one.
A-It’s very strange – it’s like they touch on quite an important subject (religion vs. sexuality) but just bottle it completely.
J– I know. There is only one thing that actually happens in this that ends up being important (Chris and Angie) but that could have easily happened in Bristol.

A-Maxxie just looks adorable in that opening scene when he’s waking up on the plane. I just want to buy a little dog basket for him so he can curl up and I can watch him sleep. Sorry, this sound weird and creepy. but he is so CUTE.
Anwar is a bit of an odd character. I love him, he is very funny, but it’s a strange direction they take him in here. If you compare him with Chris – both start out as comedy sidekicks, sort of, but then they turn that on its head with Chris, and with Anwar they only really scratch the surface of his character. Which is a bit disappointing. but i guess our brains would explode if every character was a complex and issue ridden as Tony.
J-Haha, I know, exactly! I get a nosebleed if I think too hard about whether I like Tony or not.
A-And surely the whole gay thing would have become an issue before this, depending on how long they’ve been close friends. Or maybe not. I dunno.
I love Maxxie in this episode. When he is sad, it just breaks my heart. He such an innocent. Who draws pictures of massive dicks. But we don’t really learn a massive amount his character that we don’t know already.
And I only just noticed how ridiculously long Anwar’s arms are. he’d be very useful to have around in a situation that might require someone with very long arms. Cat stuck up a tree, or something.
A-But, really, it was all very ridiculous. Funny, but ridiculous.
M-This episode was sooooo ridiculous. Does this whole episode turn out to be a dream, like in the Cosby Show episode where the men were pregnant?
A-How do I not remember this episode??? Surely it should be burned on my memory
J– I have never seen an episode of the Cosby Show…. O.O

M– I know you guys love Anwar, but I really don’t feel like I know him at all. He just seems like your average horny teenager, who happens to be Muslim, but there doesn’t seem to be much else there. Or if there is, I haven’t seen it yet. There’s a little glimpse at the end of the episode, but not enough to make me feel like I know him as a character or even that I need to see more of him.
J– The second series is a bit more deeper re: Anwar… but it’s pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’ with him.
M-You get more with Maxxie because you can see his heart breaking and him struggling to be accepted by his best friend. It didn’t help that last week’s Sid episode was SO good.

Question: how can a class afford a trip to Russia?! We know Chris doesn’t have money. Did the school pay for it?

A-This is a good question. I think in real non-Skins life, there’s no way Chris would have gotten a free trip to Russia.
J-They might have some kind of funding for some kids but yeah, like Anna said… Chris wouldn’t have been able to afford it. Especially because they’re still minors and they’d probably have had to have a permission slip from their parents and um… well… Poor Chris :)  . And anyway, isn’t Sid still grounded? Jeez, this episode.

Other Characters.

J– I love Posh Kenneth so much. I don’t know why but he just cracks me up. “Spoil sport” “Ay what’s poppin’ baby love?”
Tony makes my skin crawl in this episode with the way he treats Maxxie. Normally when characters are dick heads you can kind of understand where they’re coming from but I’m completely lost with Tony’s thought processes in this one.
I don’t know why but I really love Jal and Michelle in this episode. It’s nice to see them in a bit of a different scenario. You know, getting drunk with Russian policemen.
Why does Michelle always wear spangly tops? Eeeeesh.

A -Tony is hideous here. Just when you think he couldn’t get any worse in the last ep and then he just goes and does this. Because he is bored. But I liked how he was reading ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ LOL
My favourite line of the ep when Maxxie says to him – ‘you’re not taking up canoeing here’
Noticeable lack of Cassie in this episode :) She was missed.
M-Tony is… how do you even begin to talk about Tony? He’s either a genius or a future serial killer, like the charming ones who can easily lure women. I loved Maxxie’s reaction to him though. He wasn’t uncomfortable or impressed or whatever, he was just over him. I think if more people treated Tony the way Maxxie does, Tony would just melt or disintegrate or whatever happens to evil geniuses.
Who sticks pills up their bum?!?! SOD, YOU SIDDING IDIOT.
The teacher was so perfectly gross and pervy and disgusting in this ep. Both of them! Chris was so sweet to what’s-her-face. And ugh, the science teacher doing squat thrusts lolol. I saw WAY too much of that man’s body.
I liked Jal and Michelle having fun this ep. You get why they’re friends even though they’re total opposites.
J– Yes, exactly. Even though I think Michelle takes the piss when it comes to Jal, they’re always there for each other… eventually.
M-I also really liked when Sid is looking at Maxxie’s drawing of Cassie and goes “She looks pretty” and Maxxie says “She IS pretty.” <3
J– Sidiot. LOOK UP.

Talking Points.

Russian stereotypes.
A-I think if I was was Russian i might be a little bit annoyed with this episode. Although I noticed Maxxie’s comment when Anwar was about to be ‘frisked’ at the airport and he makes some remark about them stereotyping – do you reckon this was a bit of an in joke about the whole episode?
J-I don’t even know where to begin with the Russian stereotypes in this episode. I mean…. gah. I always find myself wondering what people think of Europeans and whether people take us seriously and then I think of Eurovision and I realise we don’t have leg to stand on.
What about those Russian grannies, guys?
A-EVERYBODY PARTY! *pulls cakes out of oven*

Neil Diamond T-Shirts.

Actually, I think this style choice is up there with the flag jacket
M-HA! Neil Diamond isn’t as cool as Mega Dog.

Washing with wet wipes.
J-Oh hey, every festival I’ve ever been to. ;)
A-And copious amounts of deodorant
M-At least it was cold there so they didn’t sweat too much.

Getting drunk with Russian Officials.

J-Oh hey, every festival I’ve ever been to. 
A-I know this sounds a bit parenty, and I know most things in Skins are well dodgy, but, getting pissed with a load of strange army blokes in strange country when you’re 16/17 – there’s a strong chance this might not end well, no? Ok, parenty bit over.
M-When I first saw the soldiers pop up, I thought they’d arrest Michelle for prostitution or make it a Taken situation. A Liam Neeson cameo would’ve taken this show to the next level.
J– I love how we managed to mention Liam Neeson in every episode. NEESON.
A-I saw that for the first time the other week. I love how, after shooting all those people AND an Arab sheik, he still manages to get through customs and back to the States without anyone raising an eyebrow.
J– Sunday Morning Skins eyebrow mention #1 EYEBROWS. #eyebrows

School Trips.
J-I literally could write a whole blog post on all the crazy school trips I’ve gone on in my life. I went to Cologne in high school where I nearly fell down the stairs of the clock tower. And then we went to Italy in college and I spent most of Florence with sunburn looking for a chemist and then I got serenaded and our tour guide was just so creepy and kept taking us to the sketchiest restaurants. And then our hotel in Florence was haunted (actually haunted. There was this crib and a doll in it and SCRATCH MARKS ON THE WALL).
A-Did you put on your Yvette Fielding mascara and get out your night-vision cam Jo?
J-Oh my god, no I didn’t. I really should have. Found the nearest Scouser to be possessed and I would have been unstoppable. I might write a letter to Yvette and tell her she needs to go to that hotel and I will go with her and my dream of being in a ghost hunting gang will be realised. HURRAH….
And then, I almost got trench foot in Venice because it had been absolutely sheeting it down. Then we just got drunk on Baileys in an Irish bar in Rome. I’m desperate to go again though… as a real person, not a student.
A-I never got to go on any school trips in high school. Gutted. But did goes to Wales in last year of primary. We got sent out in pairs to do an orienteering exercise, and we got lost and they had to send out a search party. Would they send 11 year olds out into the Welsh countryside armed with only a compass these days? Probably not.
J-We did something like that in primary school too! We went to this tiny Pennine village and my geography teacher fell into the river when she went to get the orange (we use citrus fruit to measure the speed of rivers up North) and it was the most hilarious thing in the entire world. There’s nothing more beautiful than a teacher falling into a river… except, maybe, a teacher falling into a river at sunset.. or something.
A-We were given oranges in our lunch boxes and then everyone proceeded to throw them at sheep. As you do. We all got a jolly good telling off.
Another thing I just remembered about this school trip – when we arrived at the farm in the coach, the first thing we saw was this horse with a massive boner trying to mount another horse in the field right by the entrance. Cue lots of flustered teachers trying to divert our attention away from the horses having sexy times.
J– Pahahaha.
M-Were those school trips free? I went to Washington DC and Mexico but we had to pay extra for those, so not every student went. Mexico was also open to students who took Spanish with Senor Fernandez.
J-We had to pay for Italy but we stayed in the most basic of hovels and basically lived on pasta and bread and fear of being sold to rich business men to torture us with hacksaws.

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous People.

J-Chris and Angie- NO. Angie is just a train wreck, she annoys me so much. I don’t like how Chris is with Angie, he becomes really… blargh. Also, I’m sure I’ve seen Angie’s boobs more than I’ve seen me own.
A-Why would she wear a nightie like that if she was sharing a room with Tom? Attention seeking hussy, that is why. But, and Jo, you will hate me for this, I did kind of like how they made their first kiss quite sweet, in comparison with the rest of their ‘exchanges’
M-That first kiss was SO sweet!

J– Oh you two, you’re such GIRLS. NO NO NO.
Also, Tom is the creepiest teacher in the world. Who does that? Imagine sharing a room with him and his hairy shoulders. Squat thrusts. Vomvomvom.
A-This was one of my favourite bits in the whole ep! Couldn’t stop laughing. But poor Chris.
M-I was alternately grossed out and applauding him for going there. You thrust with your bad self. Also, and Jo, you will definitely hate me for saying this, doesn’t he kind of remind you of Neville Chamberlain’s ugly, creepy older brother?
J- Neville Chamberlain… as in…. the British Prime Minister? o.O

*an hour later*
Ooooh…. You mean Neville Longbottom?
*8 hours later*
Seriously… still laughing at this.

LOLOL. This is getting to ‘Lech Walesa is a Polish man’ levels. I love how we’re so high brow on this blog with our European KNOWLEDGE.

I do love teachers on school trips though, how they’re like kind of real people… but they’re not.
A-I love pervy Tom – I’ve just written the word EXPLORE in my notes. LOL
And even though the story line with the Russian girl was a bit piss poor, that bit when Anwar is talking about Maxxie after she finds the drawing of them, and she says ‘he’ll be there for you when the rain starts to fall’ – and even though this is a terrible lyric, it sounded oddly moving when she said it. Very weird.
M-OMG all of Anka’s Friends lines were cracking my shit up. It was such a ridiculous addition to an already ridiculous plot. When her husband charges in with the rifle and she was all “We were on a break…” bahahaha.
J-Could you BE any harder?

Skins as YA.

J-I want to recommend a book but I fear it may be a spoiler…. but it’s basically about being gay but it’s more brothers than friends. And they don’t really have a problem with it. So basically, it’s that nothing like this episode.
The only school trip I can think of in a YA book off the top of my head is The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman. But again. EXTREMELY DIFFERENT.
A-The only school trip within YA I can think of is in Saving Francesca, or did I imagine this – it’s been a while since I read it. It always comes back to double M :)
J– When do they go on a school trip in SF? I want to go on a school trip with Double M.
A-I’m sure there’s loads of thriller type YA where something goes horribly wrong on a school trip, but that relates to this episode in no way whatsoever. So I’ll shut up now.
M-The only thing I could think of was a Baby Sitter’s Club book lololol. But honestly, I can’t imagine an American YA book/show going near like 75% of what happens in Skins. Kids doing drugs — okay. Kids doing drugs and sticking it up their ass on a school trip — never. Kids being gay — cool. Straight boys trying to go down on a gay boy while in Russia — ha.

Show Us Some Skin.

Maxxie’s Hair Update.
A-Shit. But he’s still cute
M-Agreed. He looks so cute in a hat.

Twat Count.
M-Twat Count: 1 (Aww Chris. Defending his dishonorable teacher’s honor)

What is Chris Wearing?

J-Look at those fucking orange pants.

Flannery Cameo of The Week– LOLOLOL.
A-I also like how he added a chain mail design jacket to the mix. Footballer’s wives chic. But he pulls it off.

J-I wish he’d pull it off and pour vodka on it and then burn it….

“Seriously, WTF?!” of the Week?
Everything in this episode… 

Battle of the Bobble Hats.

J-Sid’s bobble hat. Yay or Nay? I wish he’d just put the drugs in his bobble hat and not up his bum.

AI just have to mention Jal’s bobble hat when they first arrive at the hostel/prison. I just couldn’t bear to look at it – it was annoying me so much. I just wanted to reach into the telly and jam in on her head straight. How did it stay on at that angle? Why would you even wear it at that angle? How did it stay on? Surely it was supposed to be cold and it was defeating the whole point of wearing a bobble hat??????????????? HAT RAGE
Bobble hat! → Britishism. That makes it sound so adorable. I call it a skully.

Round Up.

Um… we got nothing. You?

Until next time…

*Haha, no… I’m totally kidding. You won’t get a prize. Soz.

13 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Episode #6 Maxxie & Anwar

  1. Oh you girls, this post is always so entertaining! I don’t know where to start, let’s see… I Heart Maxxie, he is SO cute. I remember not really like Anwar, they could have given him a bit more depth. Tony is just a dick sometimes. And loved the trips you went on for school, I did Vietnam and spent most of it vomiting or sleeping, yay!

    • Also, this was the first ep I ever saw, the first time it was shown on SBS here, we flicked over in the middle of the ep and were like “What the fork?” and then we went back and watched from the beginning of the series. So even though it was utterly crazy, we got sucked into this show!

    • Haha, thanks Mandee! I know what you mean. I love Maxxie too (especially in the next series) but poor Anwar gets the short straw with characterisations.

      Oh no! What happened in Vietnam? That sounds extremely traumatic.

  2. I agree this episode just made me think WTF? And, I never went on any cool school trips anywhere! And I went to a posh(ish) school. Unfair. I want a refund!

    • Hahaha, poor Anwar. Yeah, he’s not the best. But I guess he gets the last laugh because he’s gallivanting in Oscar winning films.

      Seriously… still laughing at Chamberlain and Longbottom. IT WILL NEVER NOT BE FUNNY.

  3. Husband just asked why I’m pissing myself laughing but I think the Neville mix up will loose something if I try and explain it :) But yes, a slight resemblance when Neville was going through his ‘awkward’ phase circa Goblet of Fire. But not hot Neville. that guy made cardigans sexy. And ZIP UP CARDIES WITH HOODS. Respect.

    • Hahahaha, god I love Maggie.
      But yeah, I can see it too. It takes a real man to pull off a chunky cardigan… WITH A ZIP.

      And when I say real man I mean Matthew Lewis. Schwing.

  4. This episode was crazytown. But I love Maxxie, and the exchange between he and Anwar was very interesting – I wish they had explored this more. Although I agree, surely that would have come up in their friendship before now?!
    I like how Maxxie sees straight through people’s shit.
    What the hell was that ending?
    I agree the first Angie/Chris kiss was very sweet. If a little – OK totally – creepy.

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