What Ya Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Episode # 7 Michelle

Furious with Tony after his numerous infidelities, Michelle ends their relationship and begins an affair with the son of Cassie’s doctor. Desperate to get back with Michelle, Tony uses explicit photographs of the guy’s sister to drive a wedge between the two lovers.

“I must say, she’s a fiery one.”

Plot Summary.

So after the whole ‘WHAT THE ACTUAL F?’ of last episode, we have come back down to earth. I dunno about you but this kind of feels like the hangover after the mental night of doing shots with Russians. Michelle is up this week and in last week she found. And now she is pissed. But then, after going to get revenge on one of Tony’s conquests (posh blonde girl), she meets PBG’s Posh Brother and he is, like, perfection. Well, if you ignore the odd shirts and well… all of his oddities. Needless to say, Tony isn’t impressed. Because if he can’t have Michelle, no one can. So Tony the psycho takes pictures of the posh blonde girl (what IS her name, yah?) and does some technical jiggery-pokery and uploads them on to her brother’s phone and ends up sending them to Michelle.
Michelle is sad. Tony is smug. But then Michelle decides that enough is enough and after Tony begs for her to take him back… she kicks him to the curb!
Meanwhile, Cassie is still in the hospital after attempting suicide and Sid wants to know . A bit late, mate! She’s kissing one of the blokes from the Inbetweeners.
Angie is trying to tell Chris that what happened in Russia, stays in Russia. But he’s having none of it and… neither is she.


Jo-Michelle really has the nostril flare down, hasn’t she? Also… HURRAH for the punch into Tony’s face.
Tiny twatty cock.
Reynje-So, by complete fluke, I hit pause on the DVD right on Tony’s pained expression. I have to say, it was really satisfying.
J– I don’t get why she’s so awful to Jal. I mean, come on. She knows Tony is a dickhead, so why does she believe a word he says.I’m glad Jal walks away from here though. I do feel a bit sorry for her… even though she’s odd. But she has a bad case of Tony blindness. I like Michelle when she has a backbone the best. Those texts… gah. “He is my sexy”. What does that even mean?!
R-Jo, you are my sexy.
Flann– I cracked up at that bit. “He is my sexy” “Us looking sexy”

A-I love Michelle in this opening scene – we’re just put slap bang in the middle of the action, but that is a rather unfortunate close up of her nose.
F-There are about 30 of them in just this one episode.
A-This is the one episode of Skins where I actually quite like even though she does revert back to annoying Michelle quite a lot – SPANGLY TOP ALERT, being a bit slutty and being a bit of an idiot with the whole photo thing.
I liked how this episode was a good balance of plot and developing her character. A lot happens here but it’s all very cleverly done.
I think a lot of girls have a friend like Michelle. Someone who’s pretty sorted apart from when there is a boy on the scene and then is a massive fucked up train wreck who has no perspective on anything.
I thought the whole bit when she was crying with Angie about how much she loves Tony was very realistic – when you’re this age, you just feel everything so much more, no matter how much of a prick the guy is.
F-I agree with Anna here, I definitely know girls like this. Michelle just drives me absolutely bonkers because of her willful blindness. I mean EVERYONE knows that Tony is a wanker. EVERYONE knows that Tony sleeps around. Michelle is just an idiot when it comes to him.
Is she throwing up canned peaches here? That’s what it looks like.
R-I thought the exact same thing. Defo canned peaches. I seem to go back and forth between wanting to shake Michelle and wanting to high five her throughout this episode. I think her blindness to Tony’s wankerness is all part of not wanting to ruin the image of herself she’s worked so hard to cultivate. Everything about Michelle is calculated, in a way. The way she dresses, the way she acts – it’s all a facade she builds. And Tony’s girlfriend is part of that, until it finally reaches breaking point.

Other Characters.

J-Oh Maxxie, you silly boy. Don’t get dragged into Tony’s web of DECEIT. “I lost my head, and then he gave my head” He’s so cute even when he’s being a hussy.
A– I’ve just written AWW MAXXIE at least three times in my notes – ‘I’m really sorry for being a slut.’ :(
R-Maxxie is so sincere. I just want to hug him here, for trying to fix everything. Chris’ face all through the psychology class! I love every face he makes here.
J-Tony rocking the camel pants. Urrrrgh, Tony. Stop being a horrible person.
Why was Sid just lurking outside Michelle’s house?
R-“She thinks you’re a tit”. LOL
J-I love how everyone just beats up Tony. But seriously though, I like how you start to see cracks in his confidence.. FORESHADOWING.
A-This is the first scene where he’s starting to look a bit worried and desperate. About bloody time.
F-God, I am so nervous about the end of the season coming up. I’m not looking forward to that.
J-This Abigail needs to take a long walk off a short pier. “Yaah”… SHUT UP.
F-“I wrote in my notes, I wish this girl would get absolutely hit by a bus right now, Yaw?” though I did like when she called Michelle a “curly-haired tart”
J-Josh’s cheeks are so rosy and he’s such a creepy-creep. He really makes me uncomfortable with his hair and his rosy cheeks and his odd voice and his entire existence.
A-He’s just so creepy posh boy.
F-I am most creeped out by his new-age tunic. Is he getting ready for meditation classes or something?
R-Abigail: “I am rather brainy.” Yep. Her brains bring all the boys to the yard.

Talking Points.

Would you go out with the brother of the girl who your boyfriend has been getting off with?

J-How is that even OK? Especially when he looks like him, they have the same hair. I mean…. what is he even wearing? That white shirt… slightly unbuttoned. Ach.
R-Is that his orderly uniform? Surely you’d change first?
J– If I was going on an adventure with a randomer to get over my evil boyfriend he would be the last person I chose. LOOK AT HIS CHEST HAIR. Sorry, I need to move on.. he’s just too much.
“You wouldn’t like me so much.” – Um, ARE YOU THE HULK?!
OK… I’m done.
A-Ok, at this stage, is he supposed to be Mr. Nice guy who is wronged by Tony or are we supposed to think that he is an off-the-scale arch-manipulator that puts Tony in the shade, and Michelle is just doing her usual bad-boyfriend magnet thing? Confused
And it’s all a bit weird when her and Josh are being all coupley and normal just before she gets in the taxi – are they saying that Tony ruins a potentially perfect relationship? But he doesn’t because it’s fucked from the start, surely. Confused again.
R-Agreed, I really don’t understand this, especially given what we find later about Josh. Sense, it makes none.
F-I don’t get why Michelle goes right to crying in the cab. If someone sent me pictures like that, I’d be like WTF? Plus, I don’t think someone telling you that their family is crazy equals assuming that they’d send you pictures of their naked sister. (shoutout to Jal: “beaver shots of your sister” LOL)
A-Also, when I was working a shift in my old shop just after Christmas, the guy who plays Josh came in to buy a bottle of wine. He was very nice and polite and I only recognised him because he was in some BBC drama a few days before. Don’t worry, I didn’t shout OMFG YOU WERE IN SKINS at him. Was tempted though. He looks a bit different now. Older, obvs.
J-You should’ve shouted that at him. What’s he called anyway? Has he been in anything else?
A-Gah, I’ll have to look it up. I had been reading the Christmas edition of the Radio Times just before my shift and he was in some Christmassy James Herriot drama and his face was plastered across the TV guide. I don’t think I would have recognised him otherwise

Showers in school.
J-Do they even have them anymore? In our school that’s where we kept the volleyballs.
A-There were showers in my old school, but no one ever used them. And would you really to all the hassle of showering and changing into some too-small hockey outfit? Wouldn’t it be easier just to jump in the car and go home? But I guess that would have much less comic and dramatic potential – no opportunity for Chris to perv
R-Ew, no. And maybe this is a bit gross and TMI, but the whole concept of changing for PE or gym is foreign to me. In Australia, we just go straight back to class in our sweaty uniforms. Or maybe I just went to a really povo school :/
J-Povo? But no, we did that too. I don’t think any school in UK actually had showers after PE. We did change though. I had a rather fetching polo shirt and Adidas shorts but we had to pick off the Adidas stripes because we weren’t allowed to show the make of things. HA.

The hockey outfits.

J-NIPPLES. Why doesn’t Angie ever wear a bra? It’s like I’m watching SATC re-runs. We didn’t play hockey in skirts.
A-Ha Ha We had to. But most of the time got away with wearing trackie-bottoms underneath. That was a good look.
F-WHY IS ANGIE NEVER WEARING A BRA?! How old do you think Chris and Angie are here? I am not judge of ages.
J-Do you mean the actors or the characters? Characters Chris will be 16/17 and Angie will be late-twenties, early thirties.
R-Teacher nipples are wrong. Just wrong. But what they’re wearing now is basically what my school uniform was. Except, er.. not so tight. I think I burnt my pleated skirt when I finished high school.


J-Just throwing this out there but I LOVE Cassie’s hat/glasses combo when you see her in the hospital. Awww look at that kitty cat.
A-Cassie’s back! and she has the best joke of the episode.
F-“You want to stroke my pussy?” This mental hospital place is always such a joke to me. There’s no flipping way there are places like this, are there? At least all the ones I’ve heard of here are more like hospitals where you are totally guarded and in wards. This looks like a semi-controlled circus.
J-I know, I thought that actually. I mean… I don’t think mental health workers actually have white jackets any more, do they? I don’t know. This is a posh one but you wouldn’t get that on the NHS, they’re definitely more like hospitals. And anyway, wouldn’t Cassie be in a children’s one, anyway? How old is she? And how can her parents afford private health care? The mind boggles.

R-I actually love what Michelle says here: “They’re trying to be happy, Sid. It’s not easy.” But that little exchange between Cassie and Sid just kills me. Also: Simon O.o The back and forth dialogue with him and Cassie is a bit like an ABBA video.

Tony the Psycho.
J-HE’S SUCH A PSYCHO. Who would even think of doing something like that? Most boys would just go on Facebook and change their ex’s status or something. Tony is like a criminal mastermind.
Also, the photos bit really reminds me of Cruel Intentions. Haha.

J-But still, Michelle is a bit dim, I mean… this whole thing has Tony written all over it. Why doesn’t she realise?
A-See, she does things like this and I don’t like her so much anymore.
J-He’s quoting literature ON HIS OWN. Mastermind. 

A-If I was sitting on the next table and heard him say that it would be RANDOM NUTTER ALERT. Let’s just move our chairs over this way a little bit…
R-All that stuff in the psychology class, Tony banging on about power and sex is so telling about his character. He so manipulative, but it’s like he can’t stop himself, and has almost no concept of empathy or remorse.

How to Deal With Boredom 101

F-“I was bored, he was bored, she was bored, and now we’re not.” Oh, because I always just go for the ladies to add drama to my life.

Skins as YA.

J-A heroine with a douchey boyfriend? Hmmmm. I can’t think of ANY YA books where THAT happens. o.O
A– LOLOLOL. If Michelle was a main character in a book, it would be one of those who you just want to slap and shake by the shoulders and then give up reading the book. And then maybe put it through the shredder just to make sure you don’t pick it up again by accident.
J-Oh my god. Can you imagine? They’d turn it into a proper love triangle between Sid and Tony and everyone would wear t-shirts saying ‘Team Sid’ and ‘Team Tony’… except our gang because we’d have ‘Team Cassie’ ones. Also… ‘Team Muddy Abs’.
A-*gets quote for 6 Team Muddy Abs shirts* In a book, she would probably end up with Sid. Even though he is blatantly too good for her.
J-It depends, if it was a paranormal, she’d end up with Tony because he’s a douche and if you’re a paranormal being there’s this small-print that you have to end up with a knobhead. But yeah, if we were doing contemporary, she’d end up with Sid and we’d all fling the book out of the window.

For British Eyes Only.

R-What is “safe”, is this a thing people say in the UK??
J-‘Safe’ means like ‘good’. I think… it’s hard to think of the exact translation. But if someone’s a good person or you should trust them.. they’re ‘safe’. LOL… I feel so ridiculous right now. 

F– I wish people used tit as an insult here.
J– Start something Flann. Let’s see how far it goes!

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous People.

J-I cheered when Angie got vommed on. Even though Angie and Michelle are my least favourite characters- they’re kind of sweet to each other in this episode. I like how Angie actually acts like a responsible adult as opposed to a teacher who SLEEPS WITH HER STUDENTS.

A-I love the gag with the phone when she holds it up to catch Michelle mid-sweary rant.
J-Michelle’s mum is absolutely rotten, isn’t she? You can see where Michelle gets it from. “I don’t know, say you’re sorry or something.”
A-I really like Michelle’s mum! Obviously I wouldn’t want her for an actual mother, but when she’s sitting there bawling her eyes out with a fag in her hand – ‘I really, really loved having sex with him!’
F-I do really feel badly that Michelle has to be there like that for her mom. I think it is so awkward that Michelle goes around the house with a guy who is like 10 years older than her in outfits like that. Also, PS, Michelle totally abandons Jal at the bar at the end. She goes to get them drinks and then leaves with Malcolm lol.
F-I was so annoyed with Sid’s dad in his episode but I love their interaction in this one.
A-Peter Capaldi and Danny Dyer – from the sublime to the ridiculous.
F-Angie doesn’t seem to know anything about anything. She doesn’t remember, the students call her Ang and show no respect for her.
J-In college, unless you go to a posh one, you call your teachers by their first name. Same with uni. You should’ve heard the nicknames we came up with for our uni lecturers.

Round Up.

J-Considering how much I dislike Michelle, I quite like this episode. Like Sid’s though… I think you see more of Tony’s personality. Michelle kind of swings from being AWESOME to being RIDONKULOUS.
F-I really like this episode as well and it centers on all my least favorite characters. I think I like the fact that it actually has an intense storyline and follows basically JUST that for the entirety. We get more in the way of setup for the rest of the season here.
A-Like I said before, it’s a good balance of plot and character. It was never going to be one of those soul-destroying, mind-blowing, tear-your-hair-out episodes, because, well, it’s about Michelle, but it’s really well written. So many great lines and little gags thrown in. And it’s a bit of a turning point to, for Tony, most importantly. Which also means everyone else in a roundabout way, I guess.
R-Even though this is the “Michelle” episode, I feel like it’s also a Tony episode. It’s like his psychopathy kind of comes to a head and the destruction it causes..

Show Us Some Skin.

Bloody Brilliant Cameo [BBC]

J-Again, Danny Dyer. LOL. He just makes me laugh every time I see him. Look at him try to cry…. he’s really going for the BAFTA isn’t he?


J-James Buckley from Inbetweeners! Oh Simon. “I’m still hoping you’ll change your mind.” Ha.
A-He is very un-Inbetweeners like in this.
F-I didn’t really like that substory with Cassie and her hospital boyfriend. It was just awkward all around and, well, Sid’s awesome.

Best Chris Quote of the Week.
“What’s going on? It’s like a fucking episode of the OC in here.”
J-LOL. Guffawed at that bit. Marissa and Michelle are the same in my book. I do NOT care for either of them.
Also, I used to think Tom Hardy was the guy who played Trey. #OConfessions
A-I can’t even remember who Trey was. And I was so happy when Marissa died. She managed to suck the life out of every scene she was in.
J-Urrrrrrrgh, I hated Marissa so much too. Who is it who kills her? He should get a prize. Maybe Ryan could give them the leather necklace he always insisted on wearing.
A– I vaguely remember Trey, but I wasn’t that much into the OC. It was Marissa. She ruined it. The ruiner.
J-Oh mate, I was obsessed. I loved it so much. I had the biggest crush on Ryan ever… which is weird because HELLO SETH should be my fancy-boy but…. eh. Ryan and his vest and his cage fighting.
A-Cage fighting LOL. I would have put money on you typing Seth just then. But it was the white vest, wasn’t it?
J– What can I say? I say I like guys with mad curly hair and skinny jeans but actually- white vests and leather thong necklaces are my Kryptonite.
Also, while we’re talking about The OC- I feel we should have an eyebrow off between Sandy and Tony. EYEBROWS.
A-Shit yeah.
R-Sandy. Hands down. Those eyebrows have their own weather systems.
J-LMAO. Dying.

We need to talk about Michelle’s clothes.

J-Seriously….. it’s just too much. Teal cowl necked jumper?! Eeesh.
F-Her silver shoes are hideous, she wears scarfs made of sequins, and she has some tragic-looking bangs in this episode.
R-As a fellow curly-haired lady, I spend most of Michelle’s screen time just thinking: “Honey, no. Let me help you.”

Maxxie’s Hair Watch.
[By Flann]

F– I love Maxxie’s hair in this one—very severe.

Unfortunate Scarves of the Week.
J-What is that sequinned scarf that she’s wearing? I mean… ahh.

F-There are three tragic-looking scarfs in this episode. Maybe that should be a count. Michelle’s sequin scarf, Angie’s yellow scarf, and Chris’s dapper neckerchief.

A-When Chris is in the car with Angie – that manky looking pashmina thing he has around his neck. I won’t say anything else
R-What is that? Like some kind of…19th century neckerchief?


What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Michelle ever see Tony for who he really is? Will Tony ever get his comeuppance? Will Creepy Posh Boy take his revenge on Tony? Has Sid blown it with Cassie? Will anyone, for the love of god, burn that chain link jumper that Chris insists on wearing?!

Until next week…. 

6 thoughts on “What Ya Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Episode # 7 Michelle

  1. Okay, maybe I need some pills because I thought Josh was sweet! I was so glad Michelle went for him. And reason #2 why I might need pills — if I were in Michelle’s position, I would totally go for the brother of the girl who slept with my boyfriend just to piss her off! *drops mic* Peace out!

  2. I was high-fiving Michelle through most of this one, except when I wanted to slap her a bit. It’s about time she got away from Tony. He is such a crazy evil genius – definitely a future serial killer. So freaking creepy.
    I thought Josh was cute!
    The OC line was brilliant. And an eyebrow-off would be amazing.

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