YAlphabet || Y is for Young Adult.

Y is for Young Adult.

There is something odd going on recently…
The adults… they’re acting… indecently.

You may have noticed us, sneakily stuffing our copy
Of Harry Potter into Fifty Shades of Grey.
So who are we and what do we want?
We’re the YA readers and we’re here to stay.

You might pretend you’re too cool for our stories
When you see us on the train riveted by our book.
But we see you alter your position, discreet as can be.
So you can peer over our shoulder to get a better look.

It’s not our fault the books we read are more exciting than yours.
“Why are they wearing that silly grin?” We know you wonder.
It’s because we’re flying on broom sticks and fighting with swords.
Or maybe kicking back with cadets in tree-houses Down Under.

And we’re going on road-trips with boys and guitars.
And we’re riding over tundra on the back of a polar bear.
And we’re writing and performing plays about Pilgrims.
And we mentally relieve our dashing heroes from their shoulder length hair.
You can have your high-brow tales but there
Isn’t room for boring ones on our shelves.
And we know how to cook and skin a squirrel
Because we know our District Fours from our Twelves.

We’re the ones with the covers that everyone judges.
The ones with the moody looking girls on the front and their dresses that billow.
And you’ll find us in the library, in a coffee shop or in the park.
Or …um… sobbing “FINNICK!” at 4am, into our pillow.

We’ll be the ones who start a secret society, only cool kids allowed.
And we’re the ones flashing our bird pins, about to start a revolt.
Or we’re climbing through wardrobes, adventuring on flying carpets.
And we’ll probably burst into tears at the mere mention of ‘Boy colt’.

And we’re the ones who will stop speaking to people
If they dare spoil the Deadline twist.
And we’re the ones who will actually punch someone
If they inform us that vampires don’t exist.

Don’t be alarmed though, we’re not all so scrappy.
But it’s difficult not to be smug and boast
When we all know that when the time comes
Our Hogwarts’ letter will arrive first in the post.

We’re the ones who read for the fun of it.
We don’t care what people think!
So if you see one of us out and about, come over and
Whisper “I’m a YAddict” and we’ll buy you a drink.*

*OK, this is a lie. I was just trying to be funny.
Considering the amounts of books we buy, we never have any money.

22 thoughts on “YAlphabet || Y is for Young Adult.

  1. This one right here deserves to be printed out and framed. I’m telling you, it’s so awesome, it made my brain crazier.

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