What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Double Bill.

Missed an episode? Catch up here!

A note from Jo: Double bill this week guys because I’m not going to be able to sort through it the next two weeks and I know you need your Skins fix. But now we’re at the end of season one (and WHAT a season it’s been)… we’ll be back in a fortnight. 

Before we start.

Flann-Hey idiots, guess what? Anwar is on a new show here called The Newsroom. There’s only been one ep so far but he was great! I did like Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games but I was pulling for Kaya Scodalerio to get it. Oh, also eyebrows is in two movies coming up–Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Killer. So many eyebrows.

Things get dark as Tony’s silent little sister, Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, can Tony rely on any of his old friends, or have they all shunned him forever?

“Sometimes I think I was born backwards.” 

Plot Summary.

Surprise! Another mental episode this week! Effy, Tony’s little sister, takes centre spotlight this time. Which is a bit odd because she’s hardly been in it but… whoosh, does she make an impact. To her family, she’s Effy the schoolgirl but to the random emo boys with the drugs, she’s Effy… burn out. When Effy goes missing, Tony is worried and tries to get his friends to help him find her. But he doesn’t have any, remember? Not since he treated Michelle like crap and ruined her chances with that Josh guy. SPEAKING OF THAT JOSH GUY- he ends up at the same party as Effy and gives her drugs.
Could this be the beginning of the end for Tony?  


Rey-Even though this is Effy’s episode in name, I think it’s most telling about the other characters. Especially the Sid and Tony dynamic and the balance of power between them. Although I also really like the insight into Tony and Effy’s relationship. They’re both so messed up, but in a way, they have a functional sibling bond. Well, sort of functional. Agreed that Kaya Sc[insert correct spelling here] is amazing. She and Hannah Murray are so brilliant, expressing so much without a lot of dialogue. Or any at all, in EFfy’s case.
Anna-It’s very strange how they’ve given an episode to Effy yet we’ve barely seen her up until now. But it’s not really an Effy episode (an Effy-sode, if you will- ), it’s just another Tony and Sid one.
Maggie-That’s what I thought. I was like, Who are you again? She’s like Aimee Osbourne.
A-I love that she doesn’t speak at all, apart from that one bit. She really is an amazing actress and you completely get what she’s all about anyway. It’s those eyes, I think.
F-I have a total girl crush on her. I think she’s just beautiful. Did anyone else notice that one of her earrings is a razorblade?
A-And how young does she look here? That is what’s great about Skins – in most teen dramas, if a character gets up to what she gets up to, they would bottle it and cast a 25 year old, Yet we’re never allowed to forget how young she is here. And how shocking it is.

Teachers, Parents and Other Ridiculous Adults.

J-Do any of these kids have normal families?
A-This is one seriously weird family dynamic here. I love how you call tell how close Tony and Effy are without them saying a word to each other.
And that whole bit about the turkey breast and thigh is totally lifted out of one of the Adrian Mole books.
R-The way Harry Enfield says ‘sexual’ here is so gross. Like ‘sex-you-all’. O.o

M-I know Harry Enfield now! Thanks Downton Abbey spoof.
J-THE TURKEY BASTER. So wrong. I don’t want to think of Harry Enfield washing his bits.
R-Thanks for that, now I need to wash my brain.

Effy’s Friend.

J-Oh my GOD… Effy’s friend. That accent is just hilarious.

A-She’s like a Pandora prototype.
J-I hate Pandora. She’s SO ANNOYING.
F-This girl is def more annoying than Pandora. I think it’s the whiny accent. I’d have no clue where this girl was from–Annoying City, I’d guess. I couldn’t spend more than about 30 seconds with this girl before I’d just walk away like this:


Kids these days.

R-Right, so this episode makes me a feel a bit.. old? Is this what kids get up to these day? (And by these day, I mean 2007 apparently).
F-I know! I didn’t even try drugs until college. (if I did, I admit to nothing) I must be a total square.
J– Haha, no I think this is definitely ‘Teenagers: Extreme Edition’.
M-Here’s my GIF contribution for the week:

How on earth do you spell Kay Scodelalalalalalriao’s name?

J-Kaya Scodero (sp?)…
R-Loving that neither Jo or I can spell that name.
A-Scoderlario I think
J-… is absolutely stunning, isn’t she?
A– She is ridiculously beautiful. I would kill for eyes like that.
F-It’s Scodalerio and I’m glad someone else thinks she’s stunning.
M-She is gorgeous. She was in Korea modelling a few months ago. I didn’t realize Effy didn’t talk. Maybe because she’s only been on the show for like 5 minutes. I like that the posh school logo has a pretzel as one of its emblems.

One Direction…

J-Spenser… Eesh. He looks like a One Direction reject. Ha, what would you do if someone offered you a ride on.. what the hell is that?
A– This actor’s been in other stuff, hasn’t he – he looks very familiar, or maybe it’s just the One Direction thing.
J-It’s always a bloody One Direction thing. *looks at Rey pointedly* BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE LIKE NOBODY ELSE.
R-‘The way that you flick your hair gets me OVERWHELMED’ I will never be sorry for One Direction bombing everything. NEVER!! *evil laugh* Anyway, this guy’s lips freak me out a bit. I’m not sure why.
F-I am a bit proud of myself that I don’t really even know who One Direction is or what they sing.
M-Flann, I just learned who they are and… I want my life back! Okay, I have the worst taste in guys b/c I just watched last week’s ep and was like, I love Josh! Now I’m like, This guys is cuuuute — except the scarf of course.
J– YOU FANCY JOSH? Oh Maggie. I don’t think we can come back from this.

Sid Kicks Ass.

J-It’s weird how Sid is still surprised when Tony is a dick. “I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide” LOL.
Bitch slap. Paha. “You crying for the kids in Africa.” As much as I hate him, he has some good one liners. I love that whole conversation between Sid and Tony under the motorway, it’s so good. GO SID. And what is that response, Tony? Weak. Weak. You got owned.
A-I love this bit. Was just cheering for Sid to show some guts and smack him one.
R-The TonySid bits are some of my favourite scenes in this episode, for sure.
F– I am so happy when Sid finally says that he can think of nothing worse than being Tony. And it is so realistic that you can tell that Tony cares but would never ever admit it.

Chris’ Sugar Cube Pyramid.

J-I love their friendship group… sugarcubes pyramids. It’s so realistic. You know, just doing sweet FA with your mates. Awww Chris’ face. He looks devo’d.
A– I agree. I love then in this scene – they’re just so NORMAL. But how would Chris afford all those sugar cubes?
J-I bet he’s been stealing them from a greasy spoon for about three years.
R-This is amazing. I want to build one.
J-The way he just says ‘Sid’ makes me so angry. I like this scene as well.
F-We never really get to see the mundane parts of their friendship–just the drama. “This could lead to…celebrity.” “I fucking love that book!” LOL, so do I, Chris, so do I. I always like to look at the lady with the longest fingernails and shit. Oh my god, I’d absolutely murder him if he messed up something I’d spent so much time on.
M-Chris was so great here.

A Whole Lot of WTF.

J-Seriously, what’s with the projections? Is that even possible? This episode is so WEIRD.
F-Yeah, not possible.
R-At first I didn’t think they were real, and was wondering if Tony was just having some kind of breakdown..
M-It’s like the scene from Hunger Games when they’re going through the Capitol in their costumes.

J-I can’t believe that Joshua practically KILLS Effy because of what Tony does. He’s so sick. And why don’t they ring the police on him? Does he even ever get mentioned ever again? He needs to be in PRISON.
R-This whole bit is so messed up. I don’t even have words for this.
M-My notes at this point were just a series of OH SHITs.
J-The ‘music’ in this scene sets my teeth on edge.
A-It’s horrible but they do a good job of setting the sinister scene.
F-No, this guy never comes up again. Nothing will ever be as random as the Sketch episode later in another series. God, my brother was so into drum and bass music for a while–I had to listen to shit like this all the time in the car. Also, even though this whole scene is awful and stressful, the music just makes me miss my brother. (I only get to see him once or twice a year) I’m glad the music ends before the totally scary part. This kid is an absolute psycho. Do you think he just gave Effy morphine or something? He’d probably have access to a lot of stuff from the hospital. I’m surprised Josh didn’t just video Tony begging/crying and post it to people.
A-I love the atmosphere is this episode and how they build up the tension. All the rolling mist when Tony is scouring the streets, Cassi doing her lurking in dark alleyways bit. There’s like this silence in the whole episode, apart from the madness at the end. I remember when I first watched it years and being genuinely on the edge of my seat. Not so much noe, obvs, as I know what’s going to happen. And I remember being rather shocked at the culmination of Josh’s plan. Oh, and the UV puke. That was scary enough in itself
R-That whole bit in the clubhouse is so.. sinister. completely freaked me out.
M-At the beginning of the episode, I was like, Finally! Tony gets his comeuppance. But as I realized what was going on with Effy and Josh’s evil plan, I was like, OH SHIT. Tony doesn’t deserve THAT. And what’s with all the random street violence in Britain? Michelle was beat up by the chavvy pink ladies a few eps ago and now Tony gets beaten up in the street. I was also kind of surprised the boys took sides. I assumed Chris and Anwar would just stay out of the whole thing and hang out with Tony just because that’s what they always do. Also, your ketchup bottles are funny. :) They’re all round and stout… like a teapot. Does EVERYTHING in Britain have to be tea-related?? ;)

Skins as YA.

J-I don’t know why, but Effy kind of reminds me of the kind of heroine Courtney Summers/Sara Zarr would write about. You know, not necessarily likeable/approachable and you could spend about an hour trying to fathom them but you still wouldn’t come close.
F-Oh, good call, Jo. I totally agree with this. She is totally like the one girl who is drinking in school–Some Girls Are? I always get the two mixed up. Effy’s silence kind of reminds me of Carly from Raw Blue. Just that I know she probably has so much going on under the surface but she is keeping everyone out.


It’s Anwar’s birthday, but he’s still not talking to best friend Maxxie. Sid thinks he might have been an idiot with regards to Cassie. Cassie escapes from the madhouse. Angie and Chris get unexpected visit, which might swing both ways. Tony and Michelle are still not speaking each other. Effy’s still not speaking to anyone, but she’s there to point that out to Tony and support Michelle. Everything comes to ahead during Anwar’s birthday celebration.

Plot Summary.

So it’s Anwar’s 18th birthday and a lot of crap goes down. Quick round up: Maxxie comes out to Anwar’s dad. He’s accepting-ish. Cassie and Sid sit on a bench after Sid tells her how he feels about her (it’s a lot cuter than I’m making it sound). Angie’s creepy Australian fancy boy comes back and DRAMA ensues.
Oh and yeah, Tony? Oh Tony….

[ This SMS contains LOTS of spoilers, so if you don’t want to know… avert your eyes]

The Part Where We All Become Fashion Bloggers.

R-Pretty sure Cassie is the only person who can pull off crimped hair these days. and the oversized sailor shirt, which is pretty fabulous.

J-Everyone is wearing patterns in this episode. WHY?
F-Get out of my brain.
J-What are Michelle and Jal wearing? AT ALL.
R-Michelle’s top also needs to die a violent death. *scowls at shiny, see-through, pussy-bow blouse* And yes, they ARE called pussy bows, don’t look at me like that. 

F-Are they called pussy bows even if they aren’t see-through? If so, I may or may own a bussy bow blouse or two. Speaking of weird, what is UP with Cassie’s sailor top? Let’s join the navy!
M-Pussy bow!! OMG. You guys are killing me with your words!
J– I have no idea what a pussy bow is either. Seriously, Angie.. leopard print… and tartan? WHAT IS GOING ON?!
F-Chris’s sideburn/haircut weirdness is so bizarre.
J-Those shorts need to die a violent death, Sid.
R-However, MEGA DOG!!
M– MEGA DOG!! I googled “Mega Dog shirt” because obviously we all need one, but couldn’t find Sid’s shirt. :(
R-I have so much love for that t-shirt. I want one. Those shoes though. There’s no excuse for that. You can’t tell me you honestly didn’t notice you were putting on two different shoes.

J-Chris’ hoodie looks dead comfy and snuggly and cuddley-able. OK, I just want to cuddle him.
R-He looks so sad and devo’d, standing outside in that hoodie. Skulking. Skulking like a skulker.

What Aussies Are Really Like.

F-Whose name is Merv? What a pervy guy. Hideous shirt as well.

M-I’ve only known one Merv and he was my creepy bus driver in elementary school. Also Merv makes me think of merkin and well, let’s not go down that path. And of course Angie has herpes. As Daniel Cleaver said to Bridget Jones, “You dirty bitch.”
J-Merv. o.O B-b-but… I thought all Aussie men looked like Hugh Jackman?! Eric Bana?! HEMSWORTHS. What is the plural of Hemsworth? I want.
R-Hemsworthii [Disclaimer: Rey is going to do a lot of ranting in these notes about Australian things] Why is almost every Australian character called ‘Merv”. WHY??? I don’t know a single person called Merv. Also, his accent is really weird. Maybe it’s just because it’s juxtaposed with a Brit accents but it really sounds like he’s bunging it on.
F-Is he Australian? LOL, I didn’t even notice.
J-Before I made the comment I went to check on imdb to see where he was from (I didn’t want to be like OMG HE’S AUSTRALIAN and then Rey and Trin jumping on me and saying ‘HE’S A KIWI!” and I think the actor is actually from South Africa. So god knows what’s happening.
R-Okay, well that explains the awful accent…

Okay, nobody says “cobber”. NOBODY. Everytime I hear an Australian character say it I cringe. Also, why does everyone seem to think Australia is perpetually stuck in 1979? Look at that weather map :(
J-Rey, put a shrimp on the barbie and calm down! ;)
R-*gibbers with rage at “shrimp”* *GIBBERS*

J-Take you longer than a dead dingo’s donger. O__o
R-*scowls* Also, contrary to popular belief, we do not reference dingos on a daily basis.
F-I wish you weren’t such a liar, Rey:)
J-Rey, you’re like the most boringest Aussie.
A-I’m surprised he doesn’t tell Chris to Rack Off

Why is Effy struggling with the word ‘wanker’?

J-Effy says ‘wanker’ really weirdly.
R-YES. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who noticed this. It’s like she’s saying it with a mouthful of marbles: “wunkar”
J-ANNA, let’s do some blogging telepathy. What AWESOME British TV show am I thinking of right now? Actually, not sure if you’re coming back to this one so I’ll just tell you. Green Wing! When Guy is like “winkaaaah” hahaha. God I love Dr Secretan.

Parents, Teacher and Other Ridiculous Adults.

J-“Angie, are you ashamed of me?” LOL. J’adore Chris.
F-Hahaha, I love when she’s like, “of course I’m fucking ashamed of you.”
A-In that first shot of Chris and Angie, when he’s asleep in her bed – so creepy. It’s like they’ve made him look very childlike. Eww

And then when they’re having that conversation later and she stops mid-rant to lecture him about how little attention he pays to college. It’s she’s the nagging adult and he’s the child again. It’s all so icky. ICK


J-Arrrgh I can’t watch this bit. *hides face* *watches through fingers* WAAAAAAAAAAAAH. TOOOOOOOOONY. 
R-Holy crap, this part shocked me so much when I first saw it.
F-Effy’s scream. That’s the worst bit for me.
M-I was screaming GET OUT OF THE ROAD for a solid minute. And right before, when he gave Cassie the note, I wrote “T<3NY” in my notes — with the heart right side up.

Wild World.

[What we’re wittering on about]

J-Wild World… oh man, I love this scene SO MUCH. Legendary. More TV shows should have series endings like this. Actually no, EVERY TV show should end like this.
F-Cat Stevens is one of my favorite artists ever and I hate their singing of it. Hate it. But I love the ending and how completely open it is. I don’t like when Tony sings, though. It really creeps me out to see what people are doing when one of their friends is sick/dying/dead/hit by a car/whatever and they ar oblivious to it.
R-I love, love, love this bit. Except for when tony-on-the-road sings, that bit just freaks me out. The rest though – epic.
A-I think this is my favourite Skins ending ever, yes Jo, even more than Series 2, but only slightly – it’s just so brave – it could have easily been HORRIBLE, on a level on Merv horribleness, but it just works so well. Just perfect.

F-Gosh, I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to wait for season two when this was originally on. I watched one and two together.
A-I think when it first aired, they hadn’t commissioned another series yet. Just imagine, if this had been THE END. Actually, don’t. That’s too horrible. The last 5 years without Skins is just too much to contemplate.

It’s a great last episode- everyone gets a decent amount of air time. Actually, Jal doesn’t but I guess she’s not really in any unresolved storylines at this stage. And I love that Maxxie and Anwar got some really sweet scenes.
M-I feel like I got to know Anwar so much more in this episode than his specific ep. I loved the scenes with his family, and I loved that they kept asking about Maxxie. Tony. OMG. Does he live?!?! I haven’t checked IMDB so I don’t know!!!!! I loved the Cassie/Sid scenes. I really liked that Tony gave Cass Sid’s note rather than her just finding it herself. I think all the characters grew from the first ep, and I ended up really liking them all. We need to start S2!!

J– This episode is so much fun… which in hindsight is EXTREMELY clever. Because you’re having a whale of a time and generally lolling all over yourself and then BAM.



What’s going to happen in Series Two? Is Tony going to survive? What’s going to happen with Cass and Sid? And Angie and Chris? WILL THEY START TAKING THEIR EDUCATION SERIOUSLY? What crazy WTF-ery do the Skins writers have in store for us next?

Y’all excited?


See you all in a fortnight….

4 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: Double Bill.

  1. I love this double episode recap. Even though I read through the doc when I write my comments, you somehow end up making it into a great conversation your posts ever time. And I am SO happy you included that gif lol. Her friend was such an annoying brat! I’m not looking forward to some of the stuff that goes down in season 2. *sigh*

  2. Sorry ladies, but I really, really dislike Effie. All my mates went on and on about her at the time but no *blows raspberry* I didn’t like her character at all and that doesn’t change in future seasons.

    Also, I have to agree with Maggie, I think Josh *is* cute (but then he turned into a psycho)

    Also, the singing at the was so cringeworthy, ag! So BAD!

  3. So much happening… I like the development of Tony’s character and the way we get to see that maybe he’s not so much a psychopath and that he actually does have feelings – including guilt.
    Man, what happened to make Tony and Effy so freaking screwed up?
    I liked how we got to see and understand more of the relationship between Sid and Tony. Maxxie and Anwar’s make up was cute, and Anwar’s family is pretty hilarious.
    Poor Chris. Angie is The Worst.
    MERV omg that was so ridiculous and stupid and tacky and WTF. AUSTRALIANS DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT.
    That ending – wowza. I have to say I hated the singing though (don’t hurt me!). It was too random for me – I was like why are they singing?! Did I accidentally flick to Glee!

    Anyway I have to watch S2 asap now.

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