Review: Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar

Synopsis from Goodreads.
Imagine there is someone you like so much that just thinking about them leaves you desperate and reckless. You crave them in a way that’s not rational, not right, and you’re becoming somebody you don’t recognise, and certainly don’t respect, but you don’t even care.

And this person you like is unattainable. Except for one thing…

He lives downstairs.

Abbie has three obsessions. Art. The ocean. And Kane.

But since Kane’s been back, he’s changed. There’s a darkness shadowing him that only Abbie can see. And it wants her in its world.



Bit of a Kirsty Eagar double bill on WtOC.. I REGRET NOTHING.

I’m not a jealous person.
Well, OK, that’s a blatant lie.
I can be waiting at the bus stop and find at least five people I am jealous of. Because, seriously, how does her hair stay so nice when it is chucking it down? I’m wearing a hood and I have my brolly up and I’m huddling a little close to this chav in hope that his bulk shelters me from the rain and I still look like I’ve been dragged backwards through a hedge.


I am not a jealous person but I am jealous of Kirsty Eagar and her writing.

This lady. She is good. And I mean…. Extremely good.

Exhibit A– Raw Blue. One of the most evocative and ridiculously heart wrenching books I read last year. And, guys, I read Jellicoe Road last year. Yeah, she’s that good.

Exhibit B– She’s written this book.
This book is incredibly intense. One of the glorious things about not being entirely sure what’s happening with a plot is that you’re always on edge and you know what? I miss being scared by a book. I think it’s really difficult to write horror for young adults. I mean, proper horror not just ‘Woah, this house is haunted by an evil ghost’ because you just know that in YA someone will fall in love with the evil ghost and SPOILER the ghost won’t actually be evil…just misunderstood. I just think, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that if you’re a young adult and you want to read horror, you’ll just go to the library and pick up an adult horror book.
I think Night Beach could be classed as horror. And if not, with its terrifying and vivid visuals and scenarios [People who haven’t read this book: LOOK OVER THERE SPOILERS! People who have: bloody claws! O.O], Night Beach definitely flirts shamelessly with horror and I bet horror will buy it a drink and kiss it at the end of the night.
If Ms Eagar didn’t write Night Beach as a horror then I’m going to pray to the YA Gods that one day she writes one. Because, come on, that is going to be gooooooood.

It’s weird because I actually didn’t like Abbie, the heroine, at all but I loved her as a character. She was immaculate in her craziness. Just when I thought I had a grasp of what her personality was like and I had made up my mind she did something that completely shattered my expectations. I like characters that are always in motion, always growing, always developing, always learning things about themselves, becoming stronger.
I think Abbie is the perfect example of this.
I loved how Ms Eagar never really encouraged you to like Abbie. Or at least, that’s what it felt like. I mean, she’s a fruit loop. Oddly so [People who haven’t read this book: LOOK OVER THERE SPOILERS! People who have: Condom bit? Waaaaaah]. There were so many aspects of Abbie that were so far removed from my own personality and emotions that I was a bit unsure what to make of her. I don’t mind admitting that I struggled a bit with getting my head around her character, especially when you consider how absolutely in love with Carly from Raw Blue I was. I know you don’t always have to like/understand a character to enjoy a book, but she did make feel a bit puzzled.
But then again, there were other parts of Abbie that felt like I was looking into a mirror. Is it possible to feel that way about a character? Feel like they are both the opposite and the exact same as you? Before I read this book, I would have probably said no, but Ms Eagar has made me change my mind.
When I first read the synopsis of this book, I thought it was going to be a paranormal romance book. Now I’ve read it, I think the synopsis is a bit misleading. I wouldn’t say that this book was a love story at all. I don’t know what kind of story it is… what? You want me to say what kind of story it is? Fine… ugh… ugh…. It’s a gothic story? Will that do you?
Now I know that I’m not the most romantic girl in the entire world, but I don’t think even the gooiest girl could actually say that they wanted Kane and Abbie to be together.

They’re the couple you’d see in the pub and you’d be in awe of them, but you wouldn’t be jealous of them. Kane and Abbie are all barbed wire, driftwood and those sharp bits of shell that tear up your feet when you’re paddling and I think I’m more sandcastles, lolly ices and mild-sunburn than I originally thought. So while I wouldn’t say they were the Kathy and Heathcliff of YA… well…maybe they’re like Kathy and Heathcliff: The Teenage Years.

Anyway yes, this book. It’s brilliant and scary and confusing and twisty and if that gets you all unnecessary, you should read be reading this book.

Exhibit C– SHE HAS THE BEST TASTE IN MUSIC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Sorry for yelling, but she seriously does. Why? Because it is exactly the same as mine. And I have the best taste in music.
As if I didn’t love her enough, she hit me with a Patrick Wolf reference.
I love Patrick Wolf ridiculous amounts and I like to keep him close to my chest because his music makes me feel every emotion there is to feel (mostly JOY) and it feels personal. But I don’t mind sharing him with Ms Eagar and Abbie (and… um, the gajillions of people who read her books…) Seriously, Overture is one of my favourites. Maybe I should set it as my ringtone and go and stand on Blackpool pier and basically become Abbie.

Except, you know… with more surfers and less terrifying HORROR and potential death. Though… you never know in Blackpool.

It’s kind of difficult to write an objective review of a book when you kinda-sorta-wished-you-knew-the-author-properly-so–you-could-have-cake-and-drink-tea-while-we-listen-to-Patrick-Wolf-on-a-regular-basis… but I tried.

But seriously, ra-ra-ra Kirsty Eagar. Read this book, yeah?

I received a copy of this book from the author.

3 thoughts on “Review: Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar

  1. Wow, what a fantastic review! I can’t seem to find this book anywhere in the US which is heartbreaking, but hopefully I’ll get to read it soon. It sounds amazing, so I can’t wait to read it myself! You’ve definitely made me want to fly to Australia or the UK to pick this one up! ;)

    Ivy Book Bindings

  2. This was the best review from you that I’ve read so far! :)

    Ok, when I first saw it, I thought the premise sounded dumb, but after reading your review I was like…..daaaang!! :) Now I actually feel like reading it. Thank you for the intricate review!! :)

    p.s. I’ll agree that you have the best taste in music ONLY if you like Latino music too…I’m from Mexico…hehe :)

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