What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: S2E2- Sketch.

Missed an episode?

Episode Two: Sketch.
Maxxie has a creepy feeling that someone is watching him. Someone close by. A hot boy maybe? No such luck. Sketch is Maxxie’s stalker. A weird loner, who spends most days shut up in a poky flat looking after her disabled Mum. So her attentions turn to the blonde boy who lives on the estate. Soon everything in her life is about Maxxie – if only he would even notice her. Meanwhile, the sixth form college production of ‘Osama: The Musical’ is teetering towards disaster under the heavy-handed guidance of lecherous drama teacher Bruce. But Sketch is prepared to do anything to get leading man Maxxie, and if she can’t have him, she’s going to make sure nobody can – and especially not his current leading lady Michelle.

“So…stalky stalky stalk stalk.” 

Plot Summary.

Maxxie has a stalker. She is MENTAL. And Welsh. Coincidence? Possibly. Probably.
They’re putting on a musical at school. And Shane Richie is being grabby.
Maxxie’s stalker gets even MENTALLER and more FRIGHTENING and actually WELSHER.
That’s basically it. And odd, bizarre episode.


Jo-Sketch is absolutely terrifying. She’s just so…. eeeeeh.
Flann-And the saddest in terms of the character.
Jo-But yes, also very sad. Arrrrgh that first smile you see her. My skin is all creepy crawly.
Anna-She’s such a brilliant actress. she pretty much acts everyone else of the screen in this episode.
Rey-My face at the start of this episode: O.O What is going on?

F-What kind of accent does Sketch have?
J-It’s Welsh.
F-She is so weird looking; I don’t know what it is. Sketch always looks like she is about to murder someone. Like, seriously. Serial killer time.
J-It’s probably because she actually is. Her hair really bothers me. It’s been cut in such an odd way.

F-How could she not know Maxxie was gay? This part is really interesting to me because it truly shows how sheltered and naive Sketch is.
J-I thought she DID know because otherwise why would she strap down her boobs?
A-I think she’s convinced she can turn him.
F-I can’t imagine what it would be like to have no one to talk to, confide in, etc. She is so creepily alone.
J-“Who the fuck are you?” LOL. My thoughts exactly, Michelle.
R-Does anyone think Sketch looks a little bit like Chris? No? Just me? Okay…

F-Ugh, who thinks it is okay to break into someone’s house?
J-I really want Taz to like gnaw on her leg or something.
M-Dumb dog. My poodles would’ve attacked!
F-In their serial killer outfit! Every move she makes is worse than the last.
A-I thought you were going to start quoting Sting then! That song would be very apt here, I think.
R-Haha.. me too. Appropriate song is appropriate.
F-Break in, go in his room, put on his shirt, jump on his bed, masturbate. Holy hell. That’s right, creepily smile at his underwear.
J-LOL. Flann, your commentary is making me laugh so much.
R-Is she wearing his underwear?
M-I think she is. Maxxie does like his striped boxer briefs.

J-Why can’t he hear her talking under his bloody bed? Ohhh those clips.
A– I think it might be her inner monologue, but they’re just being all Skins about it and thought they’d vocalise her inner monologue? I have no clue what I’m talking about.

F-I can’t stand her. What a liar.
J-I know! I hate this bit with the teacher so much. 
F-And why is she dressed like Urkel?
F-That’s right, Sketch, just stare him down. She is unstable.
R-What is going on in this episode? I feel like someone has ripped the Skins rug out from under me and I don’t know what’s happening. And stop saying “tits”.
F-I just cracked up at this comment because I could hear Sketch saying tits over and over in my head. Spot on, Rey. HA! Caught! Barrette + Camera = Suckaaaah.

Other Characters

R-Tony/Michelle bathroom scene is probably my favourite thing about this episode.
M-This was a really nice quiet beat.
R– Is that a singing bagel?
J-Yes. Yes it is.
Hahahahaha… I love Chris so much. If Rome won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed will clap til it does.
A-Best line of the episode
R-“Works every time.”
J-Maxxie kisses with so much neck movement. o.O
Like you would take anything she gave you. With her braces and her serial killer glare.
I’ve seen Michelle vom far too often.
M_Who takes 3 pills of anything, let alone something they don’t know from someone they don’t really know? Idiot.
A-I love how they don’t drag out the whole Maxxie finding out the truth for the whole episode. That would have been very annoying.

F-Anwar! What are you doing?! She is a psycho! Ah! Caressing his picture. I am so glad this episode ends. I can’t take anymore.
J-I know, my nerves are in shreds.

So hilarious when Anwar says “I never get as far as About A Boy”. Can you imagine if a guy did this? I mean.. that would be THE time to be like.. you know what? I have to go.
A-I think it’s brilliant that, despite how dark the whole episode is, they still end on a gag

Boob Bandaging.

F-So creepified watching everything Maxxie does and bandaging her boobs down.
R-Ouch. Boob bandaging makes me flich, that’s got to be so uncomfortable.
M-Bandaging boobs? Just get a good sports bra, crazy ass!
J-LOLOL. Maggie. So funny. Boob bandaging always reminds me of She’s the Man. CHANNING TATUM REFERENCE. Boom.

Osama the Musical.

R-Again: O.O
F-WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MUSICAL? “Osama!”? with the Twin Towers on the poster? Holy crap.
M-They’re doing Osama… the Musical???? “Then came the day Osama blew us away.” OH. MY. GOD. And then the director/writer burning his script. He’s like Mr. G from Summer Heights High.
J-I’ve had the Osama song in my head for about three weeks. And then came the daaaaay….

F-Since when are all their friends involved in musicals and stage crew?
J-I know, I thought that. I guess if a college put on a show like this, they’d volunteer. Probably get time off lessons. And it would just be a laugh wouldn’t it?
F-Tony was the only one into singing in the first season. (and Maxxie into dancing, obvi)

A-I love how they have made it look impressive in the slightest – it’s just like a really crappy school production, but worse. I love the band as skyscrapers. Also, I HATE Shane Richie. And I’m not just saying this because I HATE Shane Richie, but he really is awful in this. Not awful in a funny, ironic way, just bloody awful. I love Chris, with his sneaky paint-brushing.
F-This girl is a good actor despite her awful character. OMG, I just cannot get over this play. They would NEVER show this in the US. It’s not okay to joke about 9/11. South Park says there is a 20 year buffer before stuff starts to be funny.
J-SOUTH PARK said that? Ha. Well they obviously don’t listen to their own advice.
F-So maybe this musical could be okay in 2021.
R-Yeahhh.. I’m not sure it would ever be okay. But I do think this is an example of where US/UK tv is extremely different, in terms of where and how far they’re willing to push the boundaries.
F-(I don’t really think it would ever be okay…but I do think South Park will eventually make fun of 9/11, if they haven’t already:-/)
J– Family Guy has, right?

Lockers (AKA. Mags the Geek)

F-Hiding in a locker=totally normal. Did she really think he’d like that gift?
J– I would like an Oscar full of chocolate. My college (and high school) didn’t even have lockers. Not ones you could climb into anyway. To me, that’s such an American thing.
R-Me too. We just had to lug our bags and textbooks around everywhere with us and stalkers had to be extra smart about slipping you creepy gifts.
J-I never got creepy gifts. *heavy sigh*
M-No lockers?? That’s crazier than Sketch! I had separate binders for every class. There’s no way binders + books would’ve all fit in my bag.

Hugh Grant….naturally.

F-I love 4 Weddings and a Funeral.
A-*whispers* I love it a little bit too
J-Nooo.. I hate that film. Rey and I were talking about this saying that I only like Hugh Grant when he’s playing a dick like Bridget Jones and…. wait for it… About a Boy. RELEVANT.  “The kind of film where the stalker wins. Four weddings? One funeral? Who just happens to be at all five?” Hahaha.
M-Love Dick Hugh but liked 4 Weddings too, minus Andie McDowell, aka worst actress ever. “Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.” BITCH, YOU’RE WET.
J-LOLOLOL. I can’t stand her either. Also… EYEBROWS. She does adverts over here. I can’t remember which ones though. L’Oreal, I think.

Fancy Dress Party.

F-Driving Miss Daisy costumes hahaha.
J-LOL. I love love love Chris and that he’s a film fan.. well, a Driving Miss Daisy fan.
R-I love Chris here. “Driving Miss Daisy, it’s a classic”.
M-Shriek laughing at Chris and Posh Kenneth.

R– I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs or any of those films. I’m such a wimp.
J-Put the lotion in the baskeeeetttt…. How have you not seen that film? It’s brilliant.
Have you ever been to a fancy dress party where you’ve worn the same costume? Does that ever happen? Why is she wearing an orange bra? “Do you reckon they know Luke’s her brother?” Hahaha. I’ve never seen Star Wars.
M-Bahaha. I’ve only seen the new Star Wars. And aren’t Luke and Leia twins too? Or is that just the Lannisters?
R– Whatsherface’s hair does look pretty amazing here, though. Which kind of makes me dislike her even more.
M– Drinking at a school fundraiser! Not allowed in US.
J-Oh my god, Sketch. You’re so creepy creepy creepy. I love how Jal is dressed as Storm.
F– She’s supposed to be STORM? I thought she was Tina Turner!
M-I had no idea who Jal was trying to be.
J– I have been to a fancy dress party dressed as Storm. #xgeek.

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous People.

J-SHANE RICHIE. I love how Michelle looks (rightly) mortified at that and then everyone just moves on.

F-Lawsuit central.
M-Lawsuit, police charges. But I see the show just goes on.
F-Why is the teacher having a drinking/dancing party at his place.
R-Um, yes to this. Why?
F-And why the heck is Michelle getting up on him? Gross.
A-And if the teacher is an obvious sad, creepy type, why would you go to his sad, creepy party? Free booze might have something to do with it, but still.
J– Rule Number One in Making Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous: Don’t do it with Shane Richie.
A-I need to scrub my brain out now to erase that image. Urgh.
R-What.. how..? I just don’t understand how this is going on. I mean, I actually kind of get what Michelle’s doing, but this guy is a teacher right? What is he doing?
J– I love it how we have completely forgotten to be angry about Angie and Chris. She’s HIS teacher too. Eeesh. I swear not every college in the UK is like that.
M-So gross.
J-Why is Shane Richie in a pervert trench coat? NOT HELPING.


J-I’d love to close some blinds in a dramatic way.
R-I totally do that every night. Even though no one’s actually looking.

M-Asian girl!

What the hell is wrong with Sketch? And what about Maxxie? Will Michelle ever stop kissing weird people?! Will Anwar ever make it to About a Boy? Does Skins ever return back to normal? Spoiler. Yes. It does. Thank goodness. Are you ready for next week? You’d better be. READY FOR THE TEARS.

Seriously… just ask Anna and Flann. Tears. TEARS.


2 thoughts on “What YA Watching? || Sunday Morning Skins: S2E2- Sketch.

  1. Sketch will always be the weirdest character on the show. I just tweeted about SNS but I’d love a random person somewhere in the world to find your blog and watch through the episodes. The thought that one person might do that EVER is enough motivation to do it, I think:) How fun would that be?

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