What YA Watching || Sunday Morning Skins: S2E3- Sid

Missed an episode?

Episode Three: Sid.
A visit from Sid’s grandfather causes chaos for both him and his dad. His overbearing grandfather is still under the impression that Sid’s parents are still together, a pretense Sid’s dad is all too eager to maintain. The stresses and strains of the visit soon mount up and eventually something has to give.

“Nobody ever loves anybody properly.”

Plot Summary.

Poor Sid. We seem to say that a lot, don’t we? Cassie’s still in Scotland and, after a rather unfortunate misunderstanding involving a webcam, a bra and two Scottish gay guys (isn’t that ALWAYS the beginning of a misunderstanding?!), he believes that she’s cheating on him. His day doesn’t get better. His house is falling apart because his mum has left them and his dad can’t cope without her.
The thing is, Sid’s granddad is coming to visit and he doesn’t know that they have split up. So Sid’s mum comes back for a day and add in a crazy German, a lot of raised Scottish accents and some fisticuffs… things get pretty bad.
And then things get worse.


Anna-I love how everything unravels for Sid within the space of about 2 minutes. Ok, I don’t LOVE it, but it’s quite clever how they turn everything to shit right at the start of the ep rather than drawing it out. And his dad is there to watch it all too. Oh dear.

The Ditzy Moo.

A-DITZY MOO is the perfect description of Cassie. Much like ANGRY BOOTS is the perfect description of Jal.

FlannI get so angry at this part–Cassie is such an idiot. WHO DOES THIS? I know I always strip down to my lingerie and let random dudes critique my bras.
Jo-Oh… is that a British thing then? Juuust kidding. I know. BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE THEY’RE GAY. Sorry if my gay friend was like ‘Hey Jo, how does my penis look in these grundies’ I would punch him in the face.
A-And why are they going gaga over that awful dress. It is the worst colour.
J– I bet Jal would think it’s green.
F-I wish Cassie would be quicker in her comprehension and talking. If she said substantive things rather than “Oh, wow,” all the time she’d have fewer problems


F-I can’t handle this chat lingo.
J-Do chatrooms like this even exist any more? Are U. There? What’s with the random full stop? Also I hate people who Write Sentences And Every Single Word Has A Capital Letter. I mean… IT’S SO MUCH FAFF.
F-Half of it is regularly written and the other half is made up shit.

The Scottish Accent.

F-I have to pay attention so hard to understand what these Scottish people are saying.(they’re Scottish, right?)
A-I have a brother-in-law who talks like this, and yes, they’re Scottish.
F-I’m still annoyed that you guys don’t all like Four Weddings and a Funeral.
A– I do!
F– I just bawl and bawl when John Hannah reads that W.H. Auden poem. I fricking love that poem.
J– Ugh, that film ruined that poem. I do love that poem. And Auden in general.
F– I can’t understand a fucking word these two are saying.
J-CONTROVERSIAL: The only thing I like about David Tennant is his accent. Yum. The Scottish accent (well, Edinburgh) accent is my favourite accent in the entire world.

Ginger Kids.

F-Those redheaded kids are so creepified. Especially the one on the left.
J-The worst kind of gingers.
F-These kids are the devil! This is one of the reasons I don’t want to have kids. What if they are like these monsters?!

Location, location, location.

F-This episode is interesting because it is so contained in terms of location. I know it goes other places later but basically the entire first half of the episode is in Sid’s house and ONLY about Sid and his family. (Anwar and Sketch just a bit)
A-It’s weird, when Sid finally leaves the house after THAT bit, and Tony makes an appearance, it felt like opening your eyes after sitting in a darkened room for too long – that house is so stifling.
J-Yes, I was just thinking about that. I kind of miss the other characters though. Funny you should mention it being like in a darkened room, the whole house is dark and grim and PATHETIC FALLACY… if bad house lighting was like the weather. *whistles*

Education Smeducation.

A-I’m going to have a bit of a nit-picking moment – didn’t Sid do History A-level in the first series, with his Lech Walsea-being-a-Polish-man essay? And can you imagine Sid studying drama?
J-I wish Sid would take off his hat at the dinner table. And yes he did and do you not remember Sid’s first episode (or was it Cassie’s?) when he’s talking about being a tree and then Anwar and Maxxie saying she’d bang like a pixie on acid. I did psychology at A-Level! It was NOT piss easy. Urgh… A-Levels.

Parents, Teachers and Other Ridiculous Things.

A-They’ve made his dad and brother etc. proper arseholes to the core. Creepy, pervy icky aresholes
I love how you’re made to think this episode is heading in a certain direction, which it is up to a point – his dad having a mega confrontation with his dad and then the picking up of the pieces after that. But this is Skins, after all, which means everything you think is going to happen gets pounded to pieces.
F-I am still pissed Sid’s mom just left him. Even if she is leaving her husband, she can’t leave her kid.
A-Even though his mum is portrayed as a genuinely nice, sincere sort of person, just that one selfish act kind of counteracts all of this. But I guess that makes her seem a bit more human too.
J-I know. I just don’t understand why she left… I mean, I know he was a dick but he wasn’t a proper dick dick. He’s just eccentric. Surely he was like that all the time?
F-What son watches his mom getting it on in the car?
J-He’s wearing yellow tinted glasses. What.
A-I know – why would they just stand there and stare out of the window? And comment on it? Surely in any normal situation (not that this is a normal situation in any way) that would just turn their backs and pretend it wasn’t happening? Also, Manfred – would anyone ever really go there? EVER?

J-Why is his mum wearing a deckchair as a blazer?
F– “Stop trying to console me. I’m inconsolable!” :) Aw, I love Sid’s dad so much even though he has anger management problems. He seems just like Sid, grown up. He’s so desperate to be in control of his life, his relationship, and just wants his dad’s approval.

A-His dad’s hair is so springy. I love Peter Capaldi. he’s such a magnificent master of the swear word
F-Ugh, does everyone feel the same way about Sid’s dad? I want so desperately for his mom to come back and for his dad to calm down. I like him so much even though the two of them can’t stop yelling at each other.
J-I love love love Sid’s dad. He’s my favourite (with the possible exception of Bill Bailey) in this series. Next series has amazing parents.
A-That line. THAT LINE! ‘Get out of my house you miserable Scottish…’ *fist pump*
J– His delivery is amazing. Especially on THAT word.

THAT Scene.

F-Oh shit. I knew this was coming and it still gets me every time. This is one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the whole series. It looks so real and I think it is so realistic. At this point, Sid doesn’t really have anyone. His best friend isn’t his best friend, his mom has abandoned them, his father’s gone, he’s in a fight with Cassie. The rest of the group of friends is great but Sid’s missing someone to talk to.
A-Usually when there is a corpse in a TV show, is just looks like someone lying very still, but he really looks dead here. It’s horrible. Which makes it all the more real and sad and scary and all I’m thinking is how little Sid is and how scared he must be.
J-Yes! I really didn’t see this one coming at all. :( I feel so sorry for Sid. When you first see him over his shoulder…. chills. And tehn the realisation on Sid’s face… :(
And when his dad said about his dad “Everytime I see him I think it’s going to be the last time”…. Meep.

Sid and Tony.

A– When Tony says ‘lets go for a drink’ to his clearly traumatised friend, you would think the sensible option would be a quiet pub, not a manic, heaving club. But I guess the next scene would be far less dramatic then.
F-I wish they’d just cut that girl out of the cast. She’s so annoying, yeah? “I have nipples like creme caramels, yeah?”
J-I don’t even know what that means. But it reminds me of the bit in 10 Things when Heath says ‘What is it with this chick? She got beer flavoured nipples or something?’ Ha.
F-I love what Sid says here and that Tony trusts him to be telling the truth.
J-Awww I know. <3
Also Crystal Castles. RETRO. I saw them at Leeds festival when I was about sixteen. I have no other information for you because I was drunk as a skunk in a bunk bed.

F-This is the part where I always start crying. When Sid starts crying. He isn’t even wearing his hat. I know that’s not, like, vital, but it is just indicative about how much Sid can’t be bothered to do anything at the moment.
A-What a scene. It’s fantastic. Just has such an impact. When he’s clawing at Tony’s back and Tony is in bits :(
J-It’s just like what we were saying when Chris’ mum leaves- they’re just kids themselves. How are they supposed to know what to do or say when horrible things happen?
When he calls Dad one more time :( “Is this really happening?” “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. “ Saaad. “Dad, what do I do?” GAWWWDDDD.

Sid and Cass.

F-I want to be happy that Sid and Cassie are going to make up but I just can’t help thinking that Cassie just isn’t the best person in terms of supporting and understanding. She’s just such a space cadet.
J-The spaciest of cadets. I much prefer series 1 Cassie. She’s horrible in this series. But I do love the train crossing each other.
A-That last scene at the end where she looks like she’s having a conversation in her head. Oh, Cassie :S


F– There is no way in hell that those are Sketch’s underwear.
J– It really annoys me in films/books/TV shows when people use ‘come’ after they’ve walked in on someone having sex. OR when the character is having sex and then someone calls for them and they say ‘COMING’. It just makes me cringe all over the shop.
F-Old man bodies.

So what happens now? What will Sid do now everyone has… gone? And what about him and Tony? Is this the beginning of Tony and Sid getting back to how they were? Will Cassie and Sid ever get together? Will Chris ever wear a normal outfit?

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “What YA Watching || Sunday Morning Skins: S2E3- Sid

  1. Aw… aren’t you guys doing at least the rest of this season? I’ve been watching it and then reading your comments, and I’m sad there don’t seem to be any for 2-4 onward!

    • Ha, thanks NK. I’m not sure… we’re all really busy at the moment but… possibly! Don’t want to speak for the other ladies, but we might get back to it eventually :) Glad you’re enjoying the commentary though!

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