Under the Covers # 6 : The Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper

Under the Covers is a feature where I discuss the stories behind the books on my shelves. Why? I hear you ask. Well, why not? Every book has a story, after all.

Choosing the next book to read is practically an art form when, like me, you’re surrounded by books.

No, literally. I am surrounded by books. I used to always joke that my bookshelves had started to resemble some sort of gigantic game of Jenga. Well, the joke was definitely on me when my precariously balanced piles of books TIMBERRRR-ed all over the shop the other week.

Now my bookshelves resemble some kind of book fort. I am ok with this.
But having so many books around (and this isn’t even including the 100+ books on my Kindle), makes it extremely difficult to decide what I should pick up next. I know as a YA book blogger in this day and age, I should probably be reading the books that are out now and the authors who are tearing up the best sellers lists. Don’t get me wrong, I love those books as much as the next person but, to me, there’s nothing better than finding a book that only a few people that you know have read.
It’s like being let into a secret club where you and only a select few people know the password. Also, I imagine there’ll be lashings of gingerbeer and some coconut macaroons.

So when I was stalking the fantastic Rey from wordchasing and saw this post she wrote about The Montmaray Journals, I was intrigued.
Don’t they sound fantastic?

I love history and I love family dramas so when you put the two together and then have Rey telling me how much I’ll love them?

There’s nothing better than a book recommendation, is there? Especially when they come from someone whose opinion I trust and whose reviews make my mouth drop open and I look a bit gormless because they’re so gorgeous and well-written… and also someone who I can quite easily send 10+ emails a day to about moray eels and the colour of my nails.

Here’s my copy which I bought approximately ten seconds after I read her review.
I absolutely cannot wait to get stuck in this. I’m waiting for a weekend where the rain is beating against my window and I have nothing to do except grab a mug of tea, wrap myself in a duvet and get lost in this writing.
Also, I’ve heard there are a few cute boys in it. So there’s that.

Where on the shelf?

OK, it’s technically on my shelf… but I’ve run out of proper shelf space so it’s in my pile of “Must. Read. Soon. No. Seriously. Jo.Read.The.Damn.Book” books.

Have you read this series? Do you love book recommendations as much as I do or would you prefer to be let loose in a book shop and find your own way? And, most importantly to stop me feeling guilty, are your bookshelves in this kind of state too?

13 thoughts on “Under the Covers # 6 : The Brief History of Montmaray by Michelle Cooper

  1. Great post Jo! My bookshelves are most certainly in this state! And I have so many books I haven’t read…yet, but I keep buying more. I think I have a problem. But, I love getting recs from all you wonderful bloggers! In fact, that’s why my books have grown so much since I started blogging. I am really looking forward to reading this book (and the series) but I am determined to tackle my bookshelf reading pile first. Enjoy! I’m already looking forward to the review :)

    • Thanks, Maree! I know exactly what you mean. I think I bought about 10% of the books I did before I started blogging.
      I wouldn’t want it any other way.

      I hope you read these soon, so we can have a natter about them :)

  2. I love book recommendations, especially from a trusted source. It’s a great way to read different things, and I’d say there’s usually at least an 80% success rate that it’ll be something I love.

    My bookshelves used to look like that, but then I had to move a couple of times, and after hauling boxes and boxes and more boxes of books up and down several flights of stairs I eventually listened to my husband’s constant advice and gave away a lot of them. Only the ones I’d already read, though, and thought I probably wouldn’t reread for a while, so I still have a few shelves full. Your shelves look awesome, and perfect just as they are. :)

    • Yes! I know what you mean. 80% sounds pretty similar to me actually. There are always some that I just don’t connect with but I always take the risk because there’s something so great about discussing them afterwards, isn’t there?

      I always think I should get rid of a few. I actually have a pile of books I need to give away to a charity shop that I haven’t gotten round to yet.

      Thanks :) I kind of love my ramshackled shelves. I just can’t make any sudden movements around them. Ha.

  3. This post: THAT’S A MORAY!

    I admit I’m feeling a tiny bit of pressure now that I’ve talked these up so much :) I really do hope you’ll like them. If you’re not convinced by the first, try to stick it out because I *think* you’ll like the next two. Veronica! Toby! Simon!

    Also, I NEED to discuss the ending of this series with someone. Please let it be you. I’m already imaging the subject lines of our emails.

    • Haha, I always feel pressured giving out recommendations because if they don’t like a book then.. well, HOW CAN I EVER BE THEIR FRIEND AGAIN?

      Case in point: Chaos Walking Trilogy. I almost lost my sister over that series. I mean.. what?

      But yes, I’ll be reading this book soon and I will let you know ALL the thoughts. :)

  4. Jo, I know completely what you mean! I LOVE reading books that are older and not every single person is reading at the moment–I often put off reading the hot new thing for months (or years) simply because I’m so caught up in enjoying little pearls like this one. I’ve been dying to read this series too since both Reynje and Thea from The Book Smugglers have talked about them recently. I nearly checked out the audio last week from my library, but was uncertain how an epistolary novel would work via audio, so I held off for a physical copy. I hope you read it soon, I’m excited to read your thoughts when you do!

    • Yes, Heidi! Exactly. I used to always worry that people wouldn’t read my reviews/posts on books from yesterYA because everyone will have been there, read that and moved on to the next big thing. But, actually, I think my most popular posts are the ones that get the most views :)

      I’m relatively new to the whole YA reading so I have lots to catch up on. There are so many that just go unnoticed, hopefully I’ll remedy that.
      I’ll definitely let you know what I think of this one :)

  5. Hey, new to your blog after following a link from goodreads :)
    Did you ever end up reading this book? One of my favourite YA. If you haven’t read it yet you should…

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