Review: The Sacrifice (The Enemy # 4) – Charlie Higson

The SacrificeSynopsis from Goodreads.
The sickness destroyed everyone over the age of fourteen. All across London diseased adults are waiting, hungry predators with rotten flesh and ravaged minds.
Small Sam and his unlikely ally, The Kid, have survived. They’re safe with Ed and his friends at the Tower of London, but Sam is desperate to find his sister.

Their search for Ella means Sam and The Kid must cross the forbidden zone. And what awaits them there is more terrifying than any of the horror they’ve suffered so far . .

I’m at the stage of reviewing this series when I think I’ve given up.

Not in the books. Not at all. I mean, are you joking? This series is one of the most brilliant YA series, of any genre, you’re going to read.

I mean actually reviewing them. I find it pretty much impossible to write reviews on a series any way. There are only so many times you can say “You know what, you probably shouldn’t read this…” or, in this series’ case, “Why haven’t you read this series yet?”

If you haven’t read this series yet and the other … three … reviews haven’t convinced you (not to mention all the other brilliant reviews on blogs across the land!) then I’m not sure what I need to do.

Did I hear one of you say an interpretive dance? Because I’ll do it… I will.
I’ve been sitting on this review for about two months and I know that because I know exactly where I was when I was reading it.
Picture the scene: I’m on a train from Manchester to Cheltenham. It’s quite busy and there is a gaggle of elderly ladies talking about their trip. It’s Autumnal and there’s a certain bite to the air that makes me giddy in my heart because I love Autumn. There’s a man sat next to me who thinks it’s socially acceptable to eat an egg mayonnaise sandwich in an enclosed space*. There’s a woman opposite reading Heat and drinking coffee. The ticket collector is quite possibly a wannabe comedian as he’s using all his best lines on us passengers.
They weren’t very good, I’ll tell you that for free.

But what about me? What was I doing?
Well, I was away with the zombies.

I knew I was going to love this book as soon as there was a quote from T.S Eliot’s The Wastleland. My name is Jo and I judge books and authors from the quotes that they use at the beginning of their books and chapters. The Wasteland is my second favourite T.S Eliot poem so when the book kicked off with a quote from it… I was excited.

This book could quite easily have been sold under another title: The Return of The Kid. Or, This Book Was Written For Jo. Yep. You, Jo. You’ll Love It So Drop Everything And Read It.

I simply adore The Kid. I love his spark, I love his character and I love his interactions with Small Sam. I adore that he’s, in essence, a glorious hodge podge of film references, riddles, culture, misunderstood quotes and complete and utter nonsense. That’s my kind of character.

I also loved how we got to know Ed a bit more. In The Dead, Ed wasn’t my favourite character. He was alright, I suppose, but in The Sacrifice, Mr Higson truly got under his skin and fleshed him out. Complicated, broken, strong, a leader, frightened? All of the above.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m bad at writing reviews from series. But I guess I’m just going to have to get over it because there are three more books to go. That’s right, three more to go.
And we will finally get to know about the disease and… well… actually, just read what Mr Higson has to say here.

I think I’ve done well considering my notes in my notebook are: THE KID. AGNUS. YES. and ED!!! and What’s that creepy noise? Noooooo! and WHAT ARE THOSE ZOMBIES DOING? and OK, Higson, we get it. The guy is mouldy. Stop with the descriptions. and THE KID THE KID THE KID.

I don’t really have a lot to work with. I think I’ve done quite well, right?

Basically, this book was wonderful and a perfect addition to this series which, as it goes on, continues to challenge me and surprise me. This book opened so many lines of discussion and, instead of answering the questions I want answered, it just asked more.
This series keeps going from strength to strength and my obsession is relentless and is getting more rabid as the days pass… just like the zombies.

The Sacrifice

*Seriously, when is that EVER ok?

4 thoughts on “Review: The Sacrifice (The Enemy # 4) – Charlie Higson

  1. I really need to read this series! I don’t know how I haven’t already, I love zombies! Well, I don’t LOVE them, but I love them, you know what I mean? Must add to TBR immediately.

    • Rey and zombies kissing in a tree…. z-o-m-b-i and an e.

      I don’t know how you haven’t read this series yet! It’s so good and exciting and, most importantly, so vile you’ll vomit. Let me know when you read it, yes?

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