New YA Resolutions: 2013

Hello hello hello!

And Happy New Year, all you lovely people!

Did you have a good one? Are you finally getting over your cheese hangover? Good good.
OK, we’re pretty much already half way through January (well, not really) but this is when I’m making my New YA Resolutions, and seeing as it’s my site, I can do what I want.
So, I sat down about two weeks ago planning what kind of blog posts I should kick off 2013 with and I looked back into the WtOC archives and saw my New YA Resolutions for 2012. I had totally forgotten about them… which probably doesn’t bode well for the chances of me actually succeeding in them.
But, actually, I had a look at my list and it isn’t as tragic as I originally thought.


Read more British YA
I read some amazing British YA last year and, actually, some of them became my favourite books of the whole year. So I’m taking it off my YA Resolution list for 2013 because I know that I will definitely not slip into my ridiculous ‘No books please, it’s British!’ notion.


A paranormal YA novel that didn’t make me want to punch things.
Hm. Well I didn’t read any paranormal books this year (that I can remember) so does that count? No, it doesn’t, does it? OK, I definitely need to add that back to my YA Resolutions.


More YA contemporary?
Please. That does not need to happen. I was all about the contemporary books this year. But I’m probably going still read all the contemporaries I can get my grubby mitts on.

Male perspective?
I think I did OK with this one but I’m still always on the hunt for excellent ones.

More YA historical?
Um.. yeah, I think I read one historical YA book in 2012. It was great but… I need to make more of an effort.

More debut authors?
I’m actually really bad at paying attention to authors and their past books so I never know whether a book is their debut or not. If a book sounds good, I’ll read it. SO I actually have no idea if I met this one or not but I’m not going to take this over to 2013 because…. I don’t really care if they’re a debut author or not!

Re-read my favourite YA books?
Well last year I re-read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I think I did OK. I do want to continue with my reading (or listening) to Harry Potter so hopefully I’ll get them read again.

Standalone YA novels?
I think this is actually a problem of the publishers and not mine. Yep, gonna blame them. I think it’s actually really rare to find standalone YA novels but I’ll still keep my eyes peeled.

Self-published books?
OK, I didn’t read any. So yeah, this probably needs to go on 2013’s list too.

Classic YA books?
I don’t think I did too badly with this one. I read a lot of books that were written before 2011 so even if they’re not classics, as such, I was definitely looking away from the best sellers of today. And it was fantastic.
So, in conclusion, I don’t think I did that bad.

My official 2013 New YA Resolutions.

  1. A paranormal YA novel that doesn’t make me want to punch things.
  2. Find a fantasy YA series that will fill the hole that the end of The Lumatere Chronicles left.
  3. More YA historical books.
  4. More YA books in translation.
  5. And, one that is far more important than all the above, read for enjoyment. I like reading books when I want to and not because everyone else is. I’d much rather read the books I want to and discover some of the hidden gems of YA that get lost within the new releases. Hopefully we can discover some good ones this year!

My writing resolution is a bit more straightforward: Write the story I want to, not the story I think I should be writing. And obviously the usual don’t doubt yourself yada yada YOU’RE AWESOME JO yada yada…

So how did I do with my personal resolutions? Well, I didn’t get a tattoo, I didn’t learn sign language and I definitely remain unpublished.

So this year:

  1. Wear more patterns.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Stop worrying about things too much.
  4. Go on adventures.

Oh and get published and win all the prizes and make gabillions of pounds.
Y’know, the usual.

So what are your New YA Resolutions for 2013? Will you stick at them? Have you failed already? Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “New YA Resolutions: 2013

  1. Reading for enjoyment: I think this gets forgotten by a lot of people, including myself so well said Jo.
    I’m definitely going blog more, read more, writemore and get my hair cut more often :)

    • Thanks Anna! Since I was at high school, I’ve always been told what I should be reading (to.. uh.. pass my exams) and I was so excited to read for pleasure but I kind of forgot about it. :) NO MORE.

      They’re great resolutions! Especially blogging more because YES. I want more Anna Blogging. :)

      And don’t even mention hair. My split ends have split ends.. o.O

    • No I haven’t actually. That sounds like my kind of book though. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it, thanks Sarah!

      (I used to make the most ridiculous ones and never did them.. so then I lowered my standards and I’ve done pretty well. I taught myself to knit in 2011!)

  2. Jo Jo Jo. I kept meaning to be all ‘Happy 2013’ over your twitter feed and then… forgot to text or contact anyone I know so…


    Paranormal: Angelfall by Susan Ee. Read it. Read it now!!! (And its on offer at Amazon kindle for TODAY only!)

    The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

    Or for an Aussie author, try Shadows by Paula Weston which a lot of people have liked.

    Throwing a contemporary you’re way: Easy by Tammara Webber

    VIII by H. Castor is pretty darn enjoyable if you love anything the Tudors, Scarlet by A.C Gaughen is just fun and why haven’t you read Y.S Lee yet if you love the Sally Lockhart series (you have read those right!? If not, get thee to it woman!)

    • Well hello stranger! And a Happy 2013 to you too!
      I’ve actually had Angelfall on my Kindle for so long and I’ve just not picked it up yet. I’m not sure whether I’ll like it or not but I guess

      *jots down Y.S Lee*
      You mentioned Sally Lockhart? YES! Actually, I think I need to do a reread of that series pronto.

      I actually picked up Crow Boy on the Kindle sale a few days ago and it looks amazing (Edinburgh! Mary King’s Close! Plaaaague!). I’m waiting until I’ve got Raven Boys out of my system and reviewed and what not.

      I feel there’s a limit of how many Dark Bird Boys you can have on your blog at any given time.

      • See I didn’t think I’d like Angelfall because I hate angel/vampire paranormal stuff. But this was amazing. I loved it. So you might too.

        Y.S Lee – Victorian female spies :D I think Sally Lockhart is probably more complex – but it is PP we’re talking about – but I think The Agency series is great as well and I have a very sneaky idea that you might like a certain James Easton ;)

  3. I don’t have any specific YA resolutions, because I need to get my TBR down above all else! I should make a list of my favourite standalones actually, they often get ignored in favour of series.

    • That’s a great one, Julianne! I know what you mean, my TBR is crazy. There are so many books to be read.

      If you make your list, send it to me! I’d love to see your recommendations. I love Siobhan Dowd’s books because they’re contemporary and standalone. Also brilliant & heartbreaking. So rare nowadays.

  4. How did you know I had a cheese hangover? Every year, cousins from Wisconsin send a huge box of cheese for Christmas which I then spend several weeks consuming…mmmm….

    I love that you posted a recap of how last year went along with your resolutions, Jo! I’ll hopefully be able to come up with something similar for myself within the next week or so here. Of course, the one I agree with most is reading what you want and not what’s most popular atm. I’ve been working hard to turn my own reading patterns in that direction recently, and been much happier for it. When you find that fantasy series, let me know…of course, I still have the Lumatere Chronicles, so I suppose I’m either a step ahead or behind. :P

    Happy New Year!

    • Haha, cheese comas are the best kind of comas.

      Thanks Heidi! I can’t wait to read your resolutions.

      I’m so jealous that you’ve still got Lumatere Chronicles to read! <3 I wish I could unread those books so I could read them again. :)

  5. Good luck Jo! :) I am hoping to read more (for fun), blog more regularly and perhaps actually read the books already in my bookshelf. Oh and as I’m saving for a car, I think I should also cut down the amount of books I actually buy hah.

  6. Fantastic resolutions! If you ever find a YA fantasy series to fill the Lumatere-sized hole in my life, please tell me!
    Stop worrying about things so much. That needs to be my resolution for life.
    Good luck with these Miss! I hope 2013 is wonderful for you :D

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