Review: Queen of the Night (Shyness #2) – Leanne Hall

Queen of the NightSynopsis from Goodreads.
The dark is dangerous. So is the past. So are your dreams.

For six months Nia—Wildgirl—has tried to forget Wolfboy, the mysterious boy she spent one night with in Shyness—the boy who said he’d call but didn’t.

Then Wolfboy calls. The things he tells her pull her back to the suburb of Shyness, where the sun doesn’t rise and dreams and reality are difficult to separate. There, Doctor Gregory has seemingly disappeared, the Darkness is changing and Wolfboy’s friend is in trouble. And Nia decides to become Wildgirl once more.

The sequel to the 2009 Text Prize-winning This Is Shyness is about the difficulty of recreating the past—about how the Darkness no longer sets Wolfboy and Wildgirl free.

*takes a deep breath*
I loved, loved this book so much. As soon as I finished work for Christmas, I made a selection of all the books that I wanted to get through in my holiday. I picked about eight and I knew there was absolutely no way I’d be able to get through them all… which is why I read this one first*.
One of my favourite aspects of this book (and, actually, This is Shyness) is that both of these books could technically be a standalone. But you don’t want them to be because you are so entangled in the world that you just don’t want to leave. I know that sounds clichéd and ridiculous but it’s so true. Once I cross the border and let the darkness hide me from the real world, I am gone. I don’t want to go back to 9 to 5, I don’t want to go back to reading books where the heroines go all daffy because of whatever. I don’t want to read the same old same old stories because all I want to do is go on sugar-fuelled adventures that are illuminated in moonlight.

Hey, I never said I was easy to please.

I really enjoyed how Ortie and Diana had a bigger part in this. I really loved the different side of Wolfy that we saw when he was playing the doting uncle with Diana. Because seriously, that kid is cute. And Wolfy with her was even cuter.

I love Wolfboy. Wolfy, Wolfy, Wolfy. OI OI OI.

And also, I feel like I have to mention how much more I liked Wildgirl in this book. It’s not that I didn’t like her in Shyness but I felt a lot more connected to her in this one. Whereas I think Shyness was Wolfboy’s story, I think QotN was both of their stories and I loved it.

Actually, I really loved how Ms Hall expanded the characters in this book. I think it was the fantastic Shirley (yep, yes it was.) who said that one of her favourite parts with this book was that the world was already created so there didn’t need to be any more “Oh so yeah, in Shyness this happens” which would have slowed the pace way down. I adored all the characters and how the fitted together and how they created splashes of neon colour on the black canvas of Shyness. They really added so much to the story, something that I didn’t realise that I had missed in This is Shyness but they seemed to make the world feel real.

And considering I believed in Shyness in the first book well, mate, I’ve pretty much packed my bags and my application for an Australian Visa is in the post.

This book was like reading a graphic novel without the pictures. I read it in black and white and the only colours was the vibrant scarlet of Nia’s lips and the piercing blue of Wolfboy’s eyes.

Going back to what Shirley said, I think it was so important for this book not to go back to describing the world again. This series won’t be for everyone, it is bizarre and it’s surreal and strange. If you didn’t like the world in Shyness, then you’re probably not going to read Queen of the Night so I really appreciated how Ms Hall didn’t feel that it was necessary to paint the world again.

If we’re reading this book, you’ve got us, Ms Hall.
Hook, line and sinker.

The playground’s been created and Ms Hall was allowed to play, grazed knees and static shocks off the slide and scuffed trainers for all.

And yes, I realised I wrote this entire review holding my breath** but it was only so I could do this:


This book, this series, this author is a must for everyone who likes their contemporary with a shot of sweet, sweet sugary adrenaline.

Channelling my inner Mandee from Vegan YA Nerds with a book manicure.

*Yes, it’s taken me about five years to write this review.
**I suffer for my art.

Reynje is the most bestest of friends because she buys me difficult to get-yer-grubby-mitts-on Aussie books and then gets fictional sexyboys to sign them for me. YEAH.

11 thoughts on “Review: Queen of the Night (Shyness #2) – Leanne Hall

  1. YOU FINALLY READ THIS! :) I’m so glad you loved it, Jo, as I did too. I love the world Hall has created and desperately hope she writes a sequel because I need more Wolfboy! ;) Wonderful review, dear, and I just love that feeling when a book you WANT to be amazing IS amazing. Best. Feeling. Ever. :D

    • Thanks Keertana! And yes, I completely agree with you. She HAS to continue this series, right?

      Although I’d be so curious to see which direction she would go in next. I think I’d read whatever she wrote, to be honest :)

  2. It’s true – I made a midnight trip across Melbourne to Shyness, ventured through darkened streets and shady pubs to track down Wolfboy just so he could sign this book for you. He has lovely handwriting. I tried angling him away from that tenacious Wildgirl, but she wasn’t having it, unfortunately.. :)

    This book makes me want to put on a jumpsuit and stay up all night exploring strange alleys. Come with?

    So glad you loved this, Jo.

    • OF COURSE. Like you even need to ask. I’m always up for exploring strange alleys.



      That bloody Wildgirl. *shakes fist*

      And I’m so glad YOU sent me a copy and introducing me to Shyness. <3

  3. Oh, Jo! I love this review :) So glad you loved this – I did too, I just never felt like I could review it. Shyness is certainly a special place.


  4. “*Yes, it’s taken me about five years to write this review.”

    hehe ;) That was seriously the BEST line of this review :D

    Btw, doll… how you been?? Missed your reviews! How’s the new blog design going? I’m dying to see something happen! :D

    • Thanks Alejandra! :D Glad you enjoyed the review.

      I’ve been OK thanks. Been super busy recently though, not had a chance to think about the blog I’m afraid. Getting back on track though, hopefully :)

  5. Oh, Wolfboy <3
    I loved the first book so much but didn't quite connect with the characters as much as I would have liked, so I have high hopes for this one.

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