On Writing: #writeUKYA

While I was in the middle of editing my current WIP, I was on Twitter because that’s how I edit. I spend ten minutes on a paragraph then I scroll for about an hour. It’s just how I roll, ok? It works. Heh… eventually.

I noticed that I follow a lot of writers, aspiring and published (self & traditional), and a lot of them are going through the same things as me. Not always negative. Not always the crippling doubt. But yes, sometimes that. Other times it’s all caps OH MY GOD, I’VE JUST CRACKED THE SCENE THAT WAS SLAYING ME. Celebrations of hitting that word count that you’d been after for ages. Or finishing your first draft. Or sending it to your beta readers. Sending it to an agent….

And then I got an idea.

I’m a huge fan of #ukyachat because it’s a great way to get to know what books are out there, what other people are thinking and, most importantly, a great way to join the community in a way that you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to be involved with it every single week and you can answer every single question if you want and you don’t have to answer any questions if you don’t want.

But even though I am a reader and I lovelovelove reading UKYA, my priorities have shifted over the last couple of years and I’m finding myself more focussed on my own writing.  My poison of choice is, of course, UKYA – more specifically contemporary but I’d love to open the conversation up to every genre, every style of writing, every stage of writing… whatever goes.

I said t’other day that I’ve never been part of a writing community as such but I will always love talking about writing YA with anyone and everyone who is in the same boat as me. I sent out a tweet asking if anyone would be interested and I got a great response!

I think starting a chat (and even using the hashtag whenever we’re writing so it’s easier to stalk each other ) would be a great way to discuss our writing, what we’re finding difficult, what we’re working on, finding critique partners, pressures of querying, first drafts, second drafts, twentieth drafts, self-publishing… anything goes. It’d be great if we could create a no-pressure, supportive environment of like-minded UKYA writers.

With the help of the lovely Julianne, I changed my proposed hashtag from #writingUKYA to #writeUKYA because every character counts.

[That’s not the #writeUKYA tagline by the way… though maybe it should be]


I’m thinking the first chat/discussion/get together/write-in could be at 8pm on Thursday 9th July.

Don’t worry if you’re shy and don’t want to talk about your work, that’s completely fine – I know exactly how it is – and if you want to lurk, that’s great too! And don’t worry if you want to yell about your WIP as loud as you can and tell us the entire first chapter in a series of 140 character snippets – I’m all ears. Because I’m a nosy bugger.

Seriously though, I’ll be there and hopefully a few others will be too. If not… I’ll be bangin’ on about my WIP until someone tells me to stop.

Just pop along and we’ll see what happens!

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