About Me

I’m Jo.

I like to pretend that I was named after Jo March but it’s a complete and utter lie. [Jo isn’t even short for Josephine.]

A Northern Soul. Keep the Faith.

I’m more of a Katharine than an Audrey.

I am a writer of contemporary YA. You can read more about my writing here. 

I dream of Carnegie.

I save the blue M&Ms until last.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This might make me sound like a total weirdo, but I love that you wrote “pudding.” I know it’s just difference between American and Commonwealth vocab but I think it sounds so much cooler than “dessert.”

  2. I came across a review you did and followed the link back here because I loved your review so much. Great site. Especially since you named all my favorite series. I’m always amazed at how many people aren’t aware of the awesomeness of His Dark Materials/Chaos Walking. And I totally agree about Mockingjay!! But love HG and CF! Do you like The Mortal Instruments? That’s my only favorite series you didn’t mention…

    • Thanks Tamw!
      I’ve never actually read The Mortal Instruments! Maybe I should seeing as you obviously have immaculate taste in YA fiction. :-p
      His Dark Materials is probably my favourite series in the world. I know exactly what you mean about how many people haven’t read them! They’re so wonderful!
      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you found my blog! :)

  3. This blog is awesome! I just ran across it and may I say that I love the layout and theme you chose for it? It’s divine! :)

    Also, I’m starting to do book reviews too for my blog, so I’m very excited to run across more book reviewing blogs like yours! :)

  4. Pardon me, but I must ask: why won’t you talk about Mockingjay? What about it didn’t you like? I’m not saying I loved/hated it, but I’m curious as to why you, seemingly, didn’t.

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