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Letters to Lyra…

Sometimes I write letters to characters. One day they will reply. These letters contain spoilery bad times. Just go read these books and then come back, yeah? Dear Readers, I have been wanting to re-read these books ever since I read them. I know it’s a cliché when people say ‘OMG I JUST WANTED TO … Continue reading

Guest Post [s] || Philip Pullman: Discuss.

Guest Post [s] || Philip Pullman: Discuss.

So, I don’t mind admitting I’m pretty much the worst person there is when it comes to asking people to write guest posts for my blog. Seriously, I’m useless. This is basically how it goes: Jo-“Hey, wanna write a guest post for me and become an honorary wearer of old coats?” Unsuspecting friend– “Oh yeah, … Continue reading

P is for Pullman.

P is for Pullman. Warning: Poem may contain spoilers. There is a building in the middle of nowhere, At the end of an alley filled with mattresses left Amongst the shopping trolleys and piles of rubbish. There’s no other way to say it: this building is bereft. But inside its walls, important things occur. The … Continue reading