Sometimes it’s just not enough for me to simply review books.
Sometimes I’ve just got to get creative. Hence the creation of several nifty regular features you can expect to see popping up all over the site.

Here’s a selection of the staples:

Letters To...: I like to write letters to fictional characters. One day they’ll reply…

A Day In The Life: Ever wondered what goes on behind the writers desk? This feature is for you as the creative processes and procrastinations of our favourite authors are revealed.

Guest Posts: It’s nice to share the love, whether it is inviting other bloggers to lend their words to Wear The Old Coat or for me to share my thoughts on other YA sites in this wonderful blogosphere.

Interviews: No holds barred in these interrogations as I ask the questions we all ponder when reading our favourite books. If you don’t ask, you don’t get…

Write-Ups: Think of this section as a less-serious ‘How To’ area for resources and advice picked up from talks, meetings and overheard conversations to help us all navigate our way through the YA industry.

You’ll also notice Theme Weeks where everything from the books reviewed and authors interviewed are inspired bya particular theme.

Grab a brew, cocktail, piece of cake and stay a while… you might learn something.*

*You probably won’t.

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