Themed Weeks.

Big Sis: “Jo, your buttons for your Theme Weeks are ridiculous.”
Jo: “Ridiculous….and awesome?”
Big Sis: “No… just ridiculous.”
Jo:  “Ridiculous…. and endearing?”
Big Sis: “No, again, just ridiculous.”
Jo : “Are they so ridiculous they’ve become brilliant?”
Big Sis: “No. They’re awful.”
Jo: “Awful and glorious?”
Big Sis: “Stop talking.”

Apologies for the buttons. I think they’re awesome and endearing and brilliant. But mostly they’re ridiculous and I’m OK with this. If you click on them, they will either take you to Hogwarts…. or to a  page that has a list of all the blog posts that fell within that Theme Week.
I’ll let you find out which…

Also, I have no idea how to make them look good but I quite like the CHAOS that I have managed to create with my attempt at HTML. It’s quirky and completely deliberate.*

*Not deliberate in anyway. I am just horrible at HTML.

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