Guest Posts

It’s good to share. Especially when it is sharing a love of YA. Wear The Old Coat often opens up its pages to guest bloggers to offer their thoughts in specially commisioned features. Look out for the nifty Guest Who? button – or click the links below for guest posts so far:

A Highly Intelligent Article by Catie from The Readventurer.

What’s in a Name? by J. Anderson Coats, author of The Wicked and The Just.

And for a reason that still baffles me… some of my favourite blogs have asked ME to write guest posts for them!

Check them out here:

My love for Edith Wharton on The Readventurer for Year of the Classics.

“An Ode to Marchetta’s Men” on Chachic’s Book Nook for Marchetta Madness.

The Armchair Tourist: Potential Book Ideas that Authors Should Write for Me on Anna Scott Jots for Travel Month.

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