Sometimes I go places and pretend I’m real-life journalist so I can share the glorious information that I learn from my escapades.
Don’t hold your breath for these ones by the way…
There is a reason I’m not a journalist.

How to Get Your YA Book Published Masterclass [A talk I attended at Cheltenham Literature Festival in 2011 lead by Barry Cunningham & Zoe King]

Monsters and Shadows. [A conversation between Jason Wallace and Patrick Ness at Cheltenham Literature Festival 2011]

When I met Melina Marchetta. Β [Or, How I Managed to Navigate the London Underground and Meet My Favourite Author Ever.]

Once Upon a Wartime at Imperial War Museum North. [A glorious exhibition about children’s books set in wars spanning the years]

Philip Pullman [A talk at Manchester Children’s Book Festival where PP discusses His Dark Materials and more]

Anthony Horowitz [A talk Mr Horowitz did at Cheltenham Literature Festival 2012 about his Alex Rider series & his Power of Five series]

Zombies! [A talk at Cheltenham Literature Festival 2012 with Charlie Higson (The Enemy series and Young Bond series) and Ian Livingstone]

WW2 [A talk at Cheltenham Literature Festival 2012 with William Osborne (author Hitler’s Angel) and Elizabeth Wein (Code Name Verity) ]


Not entirely a write up but I have no idea where else to put it:

Mackee’s Music [Discussing the soundtrack that Melina Marchetta used when she was writing my boyfriend’s biography… um… I mean, Β Tom Mackee’s story The Piper’s Son. ]

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